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Friday, January 23

Friday Toys : Transformers Airachnid

It’s the first month of the year and this is my first post about toys for this year. Well, I got a lot of new toys (from my kids toy box of course) to showcase and some insights to share. They may not be the toy for your kids right now but hey sooner or later you’ll find you babies aren’t babies anymore. So why not get something for them and just store for now and when the right time comes you can hand it down to them for them to enjoy.

Anyway, this Dad is a bit busy lately so I wasn’t able to do some reviews about the toys for the kids and kids-at-heart. So for our Friday Toys, which is our first review of the year, we will be sharing one of the toys that my son Maki got as a present from hi godfather. It was an icon name in the cartoons and toy industry and even movie. Just last year it has shown another sequel that made almost all of the Dads go gaga to watch it. What else but the Transformers! But I’m not going to review the movie instead I’m here to share my insight about this toy that my son got.

Transformers Prime is the name on the package of the toy and below is the name of the robot Airachnid which is a decepticon. The toy is made by the leading international brand for toys, Hasbro. The toy packaging clear indicates on the lower right portion of the toy that it is appropriate for kids ages 5 and up. So it means that only kids 5 years old and above are suitable to play with it as it includes parts that may be dangerous to kids below 5 year old. The toy can transform from robot form into a chopper. The transformation maybe a little bit hard for a 5 year old kid to understand and know which part is to be transformed or moved. So it is recommended to have adult supervision for this one.

This Transformers Prime Airachnid toy isn’t just good for the kids to enjoy playing but also for the old once to enjoy it as a collection as it is also a prime toy to collect. Who adult wouldn’t have a Transformers toy as their collection?

So what do you think of this toy?

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