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Friday, July 3

Daddy Thoughts : Quality Time

Hi guys, this is my first post about daddy thoughts. Since this is the first time will just have to make some few introduction and some thoughts that I have.

So, let's start! Daddy thought will be our Thursday post that will talk about Daddy and their perspective in life, their kids, and of course everything under the sun. Just to let Dads share, be interviewed and air things that they know that might help others.

First of the Dads will be me of course and for today's segment is just a plain sharing no videos for now and our topic is about 'Quality Time.'  What do I know about Quality Time? Well, for me is about giving your family a portion of your time that is not half baked. A time that both you and your family enjoy very much. No other than the fun and the presence of every member of the family. For starting ones like mine, it is better to have it once a week and my wife make sure of that and I concurred with that. Kids needs that time for their development. Love and everything.

So, I hope I was able to share short thoughts. More Daddy Thoughts to come.

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