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Friday, January 23

Friday Toys : Transformers Airachnid

It’s the first month of the year and this is my first post about toys for this year. Well, I got a lot of new toys (from my kids toy box of course) to showcase and some insights to share. They may not be the toy for your kids right now but hey sooner or later you’ll find you babies aren’t babies anymore. So why not get something for them and just store for now and when the right time comes you can hand it down to them for them to enjoy.

Anyway, this Dad is a bit busy lately so I wasn’t able to do some reviews about the toys for the kids and kids-at-heart. So for our Friday Toys, which is our first review of the year, we will be sharing one of the toys that my son Maki got as a present from hi godfather. It was an icon name in the cartoons and toy industry and even movie. Just last year it has shown another sequel that made almost all of the Dads go gaga to watch it. What else but the Transformers! But I’m not going to review the movie instead I’m here to share my insight about this toy that my son got.

Wednesday, January 21

Knowing Metascreen, A Guard Against ‘Sudden Death’

Here's one information that we, parents, need to know and be aware of. It's happening and nobody knows to whom it may happen but what we can do is have a preventive act about it. Here's the press release that you may read and information. 

Nearly one baby every hour each day dies abruptly. An estimated 7,000 babies die each year without warning. Parents are left clueless after the death as the possible causes remain unknown even after undergoing autopsy. All because of the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

SIDS is the unexplained death of babies usually occurring during sleep and striking under unexpected circumstances. Even a healthy one-year old baby may be a victim of the condition which is often simply attributed to physical and environmental factors.

It's Our First Time To Watch Disney On Ice

Okay this story may tingle you to laugh at me and I don't mind if you laugh because it's the truth and nothing but the truth. But the good thing is that we're a family experiencing our firsts. Yup! All I'm about to write and all the things you'll be reading here are all first for us. It's our first time to watch Disney On Ice!

Sunday, January 18

Daddy Day Care : When Kids Got Bored

As I have always done during weekends…. taking care of the kids, bathing them, and of course bond with them. This is my routine whenever my wife is out on the weekends, its Daddy duties!

The routine with the kids are not easy, especially if you don’t do it every day. Since I’m the duty officer every weekend I always got text message from wife reminding me of the things that should be done with the kids. In others if ever she doesn’t call I need to check my phone from time to time, of which I got used to it.

Thursday, January 1

Daddy Yashiro Says Goodbye to 2014 and Hello 2015

It’s the first day of the year 2015! Last night was a blast with all the food and noise that we had in the house. Though we don’t have any big bang fireworks and delicious feast in our New Year’s eve celebration, still, we faced the coming year with God’s guidance, abundance and blessing. Daddy Yashiro says goodbye to the past year, 2014, and welcomes with a big hello the year 2015. This is my first post for the year 2015 and praying for the continuity of sharing information, stories, tips, and other relevant post that others may use or apply to their lives.

So, for everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR and let us all have a wondrous year!
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