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Thursday, September 17

Daddy Day Care : Dad Played at Enfant 20th Anniversary Kick Off

Dad's like me has always been supportive with the Moms and for this particular event this Dad took time be part of the Enfant's 20th Anniversary celebration which was held at the Activity Center of Glorieta. This is their kick off of their celebration and what's more interesting is that this Dad participated in a game that we can say for the brave Dads. Going in front of a number of guests, onlookers and even passersby took guts, its even gutsier to play in a game that is based on what baby does.... what else but drink milk from feeding bottles. The only difference is that we're drinking juice and take note its more than two.

Monday, September 7

Monday Rush : New Traffic Scheme

Monday Rush is back and for this particular Monday I'm rushing to go to work because I might ended up trap in a new traffic scheme that the MMDA and HPG are laying on the streets of Metro Manila.  Yes, after so many plans and rerouting schemes that the MMDA had made they finally teamed up with the Highway Patrol Group in implementing traffic rules to road users.

Sunday, September 6

Outburst of Emotion on My Birth Month

Just a little outburst (or more perhaps) of emotion today just to clear out some clogs in the system. These past few days things aren’t going pretty well for me. It’s a roller coaster ride of worries that make my thoughts preoccupied. Concentration isn’t good as it should be.

September is the month where I’m supposed to be enjoying and celebrating the wonderful gift of God, my birth. This is the part of the year that I’m supposed to be jolly and excited but instead I’m all cranky and grumpy. You know how it is when your plan doesn’t go the way you want it to be. But then again God is the all loving God that makes every little thing possible. He leads solution right into the tip of my nose.

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