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Thursday, August 10

Why Kids Need To Have Vitamins?

Okay, we have not been posting anything much related things with my kids health and wellness lately. Mostly are tales of were our getaways, our play time, or our food escapades. Little that we share about what makes my kids healthy.

Today, I have been noticing sudden changes with them and I’m really amazed that time really run so fast that the kids are now having food habits and everything. Food habits? Yes their eating habits! They are now starting to eat a lot. They are a little picky eater but they sure eat a lot. Before we were giving them vitamins to help them build their appetite and perhaps we have given enough because their appetite is that big.

Of course there still this tendencies that they might catch colds or other illnesses even though they eat a lot but of course prevention is better than cure. So what we do now is that we give them Vitamin C. This is to keep their immune system a lot stronger and can resist small time viruses that affects our immune system.

First of all this is not as technical as it should be and I don't want to be that way. Besides most of the Dads don't want to read much information that is too technical. So what are the benefits your kids get from vitamins? Well there are plenty of reasons for that…

  • Kids become healthy and strong.
  • Kids will have a strong immune system.
  • Kids can be more energetic.
  • Kids develop more because of the nutrition they get.

So, my wife make sure that there’s always a stock of vitamins for kids in the house. You know what my wife was able to find out about this shopping hub where you can buy pediatric medicines and vitamins. And what’s interesting with it is that you don’t have to worry of going out to of your house. All you need is your laptop or your smartphone devices to see this portal online. is the name of the hub all you need to do is register, get the items you want and have it shipped to you. You can pay it cash on delivery, Credit Card, or bank transfer. No need to pick up that purchases, all you need to do is wait for it to be delivered right at your doorstep.

For more details visit their facebook account or log on to and register now.

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