BC Bloggers Meme: 5 Countries I Want To Visit Before I Retire

I know this past few days have been a truly bad weather for most of us in Metro Manila and in some parts of Luzon.  So before I start I just want to make a simple prayer for those who have been affected by this Habagat.

Lord God help us get through this calamity and shed hope to those who are in need.  We pray for those who have been affected by this Habagat.  For the others, give them strength and will to move on what ever the outcome.   Bless us all and keep us in your loving and protecting hands.  In the mighty name of Jesus.  Amen.

Okay and so, though I have been away for a few days from the BC Bloggers Meme I want to cope up with it and enjoy the rest of the memes.  For those who wanted to know how fun it is to join this meme just visit BC Bloggers and join the fun.

For this week's meme Jimmy: Life Is An Adventure is our host, the title for this week is "5 Countries I want To Visit Before I Retire."  Hhmmm... this will be something hard to decide with on which country will I plan or hope to visit before I retire.  To be true I have never gone abroad though I have read a lot of books about different countries.  So hopefully I could amuse the readers about the countries that I want to visit.

So, what are the countries that I want to visit?  Here they are....

First perhaps is the closest country in Asia which is JAPAN.  Ever since high school I was fascinated with their culture.  The stories of the samurais and the ninjas, their technologies, and also their culture.  I would really love to tour this country.  I even tried to learn to speak Japanese.  Hopefully I could construct  longer phrases very soon.

Second would ISRAEL, just like Jimmy I wanted to visit the country where the Lord's chosen people resides.  The history of our faith.  It will definitely a blessed trip once it happened.

Third would be EGYPT, I want to visit the pyramids and the temples of the pharaohs and see for myself.  It would be an accomplishment for me if I would ever be there.

Fourth I would love to visit is GREECE.  I wanted to see their historical places.  I would love to learn more of the arts and cultures of these people.  If I could do stay there and do a research I would really love to.

Lastly, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  I'm sure most people would really want to go this country not only to visit but to stay for good, for them but not for me.  I still love the PHILIPPINES. Perhaps, I would only visit USA for the luxury of travel and leisure and perhaps get a chance to visit the Library of Congress where there are thousands of books in it.

So there you go.  That's my 5 countries that I want to visit before I retire.  Prayerfully, I want to accomplish it.  I know there are no impossible things for the Lord.   How about you?  What are countries that you're planning to visit before you retire?  Hope you could share it too!

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