Friday Toys: Camera Fan

It's Friday once more and thankfully the stressful preparation of a contest is over.  Yes I have launched the contest and raffle already so for those who wants to join the contest just visit this link Daddy Yashiro's Journal 5th Blog Anniversary Contest.   Get a chance to win interesting prizes.  I'll be featuring the prizes later on so better watch out for it.

Friday Toy's feature for today is actually a dual purpose.  It can be a fan and it can be a toy camera.  Since multiple purpose is the IN thing nowadays, this toy is just right for the kids to play with especially when playing outdoor.  The scourging heat makes it uneasy for the kids though I'm sure they won't bother it when playing with their playmates but nonetheless this toy is well enough to lessen that uneasiness.

So like I said it is a dual purpose, a fan and a toy camera.  Kids can play with it as camera and imagine doing it like a photographer.  It's a good start to build a dream for them.  Act and play like the real ones.  The fan is not like our fans in the house but it is actually made of a thin plastic sheet which is not harmful for the kids when cooling off.  The fan can be pushed inside to hide when not in use and can be put out by pressing the shutter button on the right.  This toy is battery operated using two (2) triple A battery, so there's a on and off button on the side to make the fan running and cool off that scourging heat.

This toy is great for the kids because they can be imaginative and of course useful as well.  Take a pic and cool off, that's what this toy is all about.  Just a safety precaution, though the fan blades is not hard it could still hurt some fragile parts of the face like the eyes so parents be cautious about it.  Play safe!

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