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Lancaster New City

Monday, December 15

Monday Rush: 9 Things To Know Before Celebrating Our Wedding Anniversary

This is not the usual Monday Rush that we have here today in Daddy Yashiro's Journal. It's a very personal matter because my fatherhood journey with the kids wouldn't be complete without the day of our very important day, our union, our marriage. Yes today is our Wedding Anniversary. With the busy schedules that we have there are things that I thought will go according to plan for a surprise, unfortunately, things get a little bit forgetful. I forgot my piece and couldn't make my every hour post of the Nine (9) Things To Know Before Celebrating Our Wedding Anniversary. The photo teaser was posted but the rest will just have to be posted here.

Monday, November 24

Family Matters: Is Divorce An Option?

Is divorce an option for families having an unresolved issues? Well, perhaps yes and perhaps not but of course it will still depends on how stable is the foundation of your marriage. In some parts of the world there are places where divorce isn't practice, so we can say that it is not an option but instead does the physical separation where both parties agrees to get on with their separate lives but still have the legal obligation, especially to the child.

Wednesday, November 5

Dad and Kids Enjoyed The Mutant Mayhem, Halloween Treat From Nickelodeon

Just few hours before the day is covered in darkness, just few more ticks before the clock strikes at six, little cute, funny, and creepy kids already swarmed the streets and alleys in SM Mall Of Asia as Nickelodeon’s ultimate scarefest, the “Mutant Mayhem” happened at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. It’s their Halloween treat for the whole family, and this Dad together with the Kids just enjoyed it very much. This year’s themed party paid homage to everyone’s favorite childhood heroes in a half shell, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Of course aside from green walking half shell there are also other mutants from Nickelodeon’s shows celebrating the supernatural in all its form, from the fairly mischievous to the downright menacing.

Monday, October 20

My Little Pony Convention on October 25, 2014 in Megamall

Okay, here's something that will definitely bring back memories for kids of the 80's and perhaps hand down the legacy to their kids. Just make sure to let your kids hold on tight as they might run ahead of you once they saw this one.

My Little Pony is a popular franchise from Hasbro about talking ponies in the fantastic world of Equestria. Their merchandise is composed of collectible pony figurines that come with various accessories, notably their brushable hair. My Little Pony was also one of three classic Hasbro brands to receive an animated movie in the 1980’s, the other two being Transformers and G.I. Joe.

Sunday, October 5

Cignal TV Introduced Disney XD Plus A Meet and Greet with Spiderman

Does anyone have their Cignal TV?! Well, if you don't then perhaps it's time to have one most especially if you have kids with you because the whole family will definitely enjoy and experiencing an exciting adventure with Cignal TV.  Weekends will be one great bonding moment with the kids.
Cignal TV, the leading Direct-To-Home (DTH) pay TV provider in the country, brings Disney XD. It is the first in HD in the Philippines! As the company is geared towards providing unsurpassed viewing experience and quality content to Filipinos, Cignal TV delivers Disney XD experience straight to the viewers with a thrilling line-up of activities and promos.

Tuesday, September 16

A Life-Changing Event Happened To Us

My father celebrated his birthday in the hospital.
A few weeks ago we experienced another life changing event. It was a moment not to be expected but to be aware of and be cautious. A health problem that struck us in our vulnerable days. My father suffered from stroke.

It was Wednesday morning when my mother shouted and called my name in a panic voice. I immediately rush to their house and into their room. I found my mother trying to lift my father as he fell from the bed. He's conscious but I've noticed that his groggy and his speech is slurred. I carried him out of the room to the sala. Talked to him and noticed changes from his body. He couldn't move left part of his body.

Friday, September 5


Spend time with your elders…
While we’re busy growing up, they are growing old.
Grandparents. They’re the quiet yet amused voice that says yes when our parents say no. They never forget a birthday, even if sometimes, they forget how to spell your name. And for some unfathomable reason, the meals they cook are always the best. Win or lose, they always have a warm smile and comforting hug waiting just for us. Their presence keeps us grounded, because they represent our roots. They remind us of home.

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