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Friday, October 21

Friday Toys: Lego Legends of Chima

Lego has been part of every kid in every generation and just by the four letter word kids easily recognizes the brand and the name of this toy that enhances the imagination of every child. Of course this Dad was once a child as well and became very much crazy about this toy. We may not have more of this but we're still blessed to have aunts who loves us very much.That's why I was able to at least enjoy my childhood with this toy.

Sunday, September 18

Sign The Petition, Save The Thresher Sharks and Prevent Extinction

Being one of the people who strive to protect the planet and make a difference even in small things compels me to do something even more than the usual routine that I have. Yes, I do teach my kids, family and friends to do something for mother earth even in simplest things that they can do like throwing small plastic wrappers on its rightful place, saving water, conserving electricity and even recycling some materials that are still useful to us. By these, at least we have made a small difference.

But this is not enough to make a bigger impact in helping save the environment. I have been out of the environmental organization for more than a decade already so my activities isn’t as much as it is, not as active as I was before.

Friday, September 2

Parent's Guide To Netflix

We parents has always been keen on filtering all the movies that our kids watch. We make sure that the dialogues and even the music are well filtered from bad words and obscene phrases. Still, with the vastly availability of internet connection it seems hard to watch our kids all the time. Netflix, one of today's source of movies, TV shows and entertainment hub is just cool enough to be there for our missed episodes and TV shows but of course not all shown on this site are allowed for kids sometimes there are the SPG rating or the Strong Parental Guidance is needed  and even the music they listen at. For parents, it is often thought or see things fast that things are neglected if it is right for the kids or not. And since screen time can also be family bonding time. Whether you like to snuggle up on the couch with your kids during the weekends, or you prefer to keep cartoon-watching with your kids to a good ten minutes before bedtime, Netflix respects your choice. And Netflix got you covered in worrying what your kids ought to watch and how long.

Thursday, August 18

Baby Company Got a New Store For Moms at SM Megamall

For Dads, knowing that your beloved wife will be having a baby brings so much joy and full of what ifs but it only boils down to one thing... I'm a certified Daddy. Just like the Moms we, Dads, too get excited in the process but I'm sure it is much more of a bliss for them but what's great is that we make sure that Moms get what they need. We may not be the one to pick but bringing them  a place where they can buy products in just one place would be an ease for them to go around, most especially when their bellies are big and protruding already.

Monday, July 25

Monday Rush: First SONA of President Duterte

When your first becomes something big. Well we all get a chance in life and sometimes those opportunities comes at the right moment and at the right venue. As what I've always say to my friends "if it is for you then it would go through" or in Filipino language "kung ukol bubukol".  Just like our current President of the Republic of the Philippines, His Excellency Rodrigo Roa Duterte who just recently made his very first State of the Nation's Address or SONA. From the position of Mayor of the City straight up to the seat of Presidency. He was not up at first to run for presidency but the clamor of the public and the need for someone who is out of the usual politician made him the man he is now and the place where he is ought to be, the President.

Sunday, July 24

This Dad is Returning....

Okay, I know that I have not posted any updates here for a while and this Dad is really on a very very very busy side... up to now. It is really hard to juggle things around and sometimes I do miss things that needs to be done. Since it has been a while that I made a post, I think it is just right time to make something extra special but not now, perhaps I'll plan for it first before rolling it now and make a big buzz about it. So better watch out for it.

Thursday, March 3

Missing The Simple Things

When things started to get more and more out of the ordinary things you once knew you starts to forget the important things in life. Yes that's what happens when you start getting old and having more responsibilities in life. But of course there's always the finer things of it but still I want to go back to the simple things of life and simple things that I do. I don't know how but I really missed it so much.

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