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Monday, July 25

Monday Rush: First SONA of President Duterte

When your first becomes something big. Well we all get a chance in life and sometimes those opportunities comes at the right moment and at the right venue. As what I've always say to my friends "if it is for you then it would go through" or in Filipino language "kung ukol bubukol".  Just like our current President of the Republic of the Philippines, His Excellency Rodrigo Roa Duterte who just recently made his very first State of the Nation's Address or SONA. From the position of Mayor of the City straight up to the seat of Presidency. He was not up at first to run for presidency but the clamor of the public and the need for someone who is out of the usual politician made him the man he is now and the place where he is ought to be, the President.

Sunday, July 24

This Dad is Returning....

Okay, I know that I have not posted any updates here for a while and this Dad is really on a very very very busy side... up to now. It is really hard to juggle things around and sometimes I do miss things that needs to be done. Since it has been a while that I made a post, I think it is just right time to make something extra special but not now, perhaps I'll plan for it first before rolling it now and make a big buzz about it. So better watch out for it.

Thursday, March 3

Missing The Simple Things

When things started to get more and more out of the ordinary things you once knew you starts to forget the important things in life. Yes that's what happens when you start getting old and having more responsibilities in life. But of course there's always the finer things of it but still I want to go back to the simple things of life and simple things that I do. I don't know how but I really missed it so much.

Thursday, January 14

When The Clock Strikes 12

It's been a while since I update this blog with something to read for our followers and readers. I know it's a bad habit developing and it should be cut off. So just right before I fire away some of the post that I'll be sharing soon about kids and other kids' stuff let me just share what the kids enjoyed right before and when the clock strikes 12 last New Years eve.

Friday, October 16

Want To Win a Family Trip to Osaka, Japan, Join Nido 3+ Amazing Raffe Promo

Here's an interesting news for Moms and Dads and the whole family from NIDO 3+, for having a #LakingAmazing kids there's raffle promo that will definitely entice others to join. NIDO 3+ will be having their amazing raffle promo from NIDO 3+.

The three-month long promo gives #1 moms and dads a chance to win P30 load or one of seven Sony PlayStation 4, Sony Cyber-shot TX30, and iPad Mini 3 in the monthly draws. One lucky winner will also be treated to an all-expense paid trip for four to one of Asia’s top destinations, Osaka, Japan. The travel prize is inclusive of airfare, accommodation, tickets to a world-class theme park, as well as pocket money.

Thursday, October 15

Banana Peel's Family Funville, More Time More Bonding

It's one of those weekends that Mom and Dad will be enjoying the weekend with the kids. Yes there's going to be another fun-filled weekend activity for the whole family as Banana Peel showcases again the Family Funville. Enjoy the weekend this October 16 and 17 as one of the leading flip flops brand celebrates family fun time at the Annex Atrium of SM City Fairview from 10 AM to 10 PM.  Moms and Dads plus the kids will definitely have a great time together.

Thursday, September 17

Daddy Day Care : Dad Played at Enfant 20th Anniversary Kick Off

Dad's like me has always been supportive with the Moms and for this particular event this Dad took time be part of the Enfant's 20th Anniversary celebration which was held at the Activity Center of Glorieta. This is their kick off of their celebration and what's more interesting is that this Dad participated in a game that we can say for the brave Dads. Going in front of a number of guests, onlookers and even passersby took guts, its even gutsier to play in a game that is based on what baby does.... what else but drink milk from feeding bottles. The only difference is that we're drinking juice and take note its more than two.
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