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Friday, July 3

Daddy Thoughts : Quality Time

Hi guys, this is my first post about daddy thoughts. Since this is the first time will just have to make some few introduction and some thoughts that I have.

So, let's start! Daddy thought will be our Thursday post that will talk about Daddy and their perspective in life, their kids, and of course everything under the sun. Just to let Dads share, be interviewed and air things that they know that might help others.

First of the Dads will be me of course and for today's segment is just a plain sharing no videos for now and our topic is about 'Quality Time.'  What do I know about Quality Time? Well, for me is about giving your family a portion of your time that is not half baked. A time that both you and your family enjoy very much. No other than the fun and the presence of every member of the family. For starting ones like mine, it is better to have it once a week and my wife make sure of that and I concurred with that. Kids needs that time for their development. Love and everything.

So, I hope I was able to share short thoughts. More Daddy Thoughts to come.

Sunday, June 21

Blessings of Being A Dad This Father's Day

Being a Dad is hard and most of us knows that. Waking up in the middle of the night to fix milk for the baby or to change the diaper because it's filled with popo or just to sing a lullaby to make your sweet little angels fall sleep again. It's hard and yes it's very tiring, but you know what? All of these are nothing because the joy of being a Dad has just begun.

Monday, June 15

New Banner for Daddy Yashiro's Journal and Other New Stuff

Daddy Yashiro's Journal has been around for more than half a decade already and just recently, though we didn't celebrate it big, it reached its seventh year. Seven years of fatherhood adventure, seven years of sharing stories, seven years of meeting other people, and seven years of great thoughts about life. Seven years is indeed a number and we're moving onwards, though I've been on and off with this blog the goal is still much the same, I want to share more life stories and lessons others, specifically to Dads.

Our Kids Enjoyed Their Meet and Greet with Hi-5 Philippines Casts

If you hear this "Together... 1, 2, 3, 4,... Hi-5!", I'm sure you know it already. It's time to watch Hi-5! My kids love it very much that they even watch the episodes of Hi-5 on youtube over and over. Knowing that Hi-5 got its counterpart already made the kids even more excited that we really went to SM Megamall Atrium just to see the casts of Hi-5 Philippines. Take note Fely Irvine was there too and the kids enjoyed the day very much.

This is the very first public appearance of the Hi-5 Philippines casts. Though the venue was small, still the kids dance and sing with them wholeheartedly, even our kids. They sung some of the favorites in Hi-5 that moved the kids to their feet.

Friday, May 15

Daddy Yashiro and Kids Experienced Jollibee’s Jollitown Funtasy Land

Blogging your experience is one interesting way to reminisce memories with your family and friends, in my case it is with my family. I really love seeing our kids having fun and enjoying their time to the max. Another great thing about being a blogger is the perks that you get and also the VIP attention as well. One of the events that our family did enjoyed very much is the Jollibee’s Jollitown Funtasy Land.

Sunday, May 10

Our Special Video This Happy Mother's Day

Great day for Moms! Yes and this is their special day. So yesterday the kids and I got busy sorting out pics of our Mommy to put together in this special video that we've made for her. 

We've greeted her already and to all the moms out there from Daddy Yashiro and the kids we're extending our greetings, Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 7

A More Child-Friendly Use of Computer

If I recall it right I have already created an article about internet browsers that are intended for children to keep them off from landing on sites not for kids. And of course I did use that with my kids and it worked out perfectly. Unfortunately I am now using a different operating system on my netbook and also using tablet devices so they are vulnerable for the kids to land on sites not intended for them. So, one of my friend sent me this information and they are calling all computer savvy parents to have a peek of this BETA version that is going to be released soon. is soon to be released on Windows store and it is an app that provides security system for parents to oversee their children's activity on the computer. This has never before been offered for the Windows platform.

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