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Thursday, August 28

Our Trio Blog Giveaway 2 Winners

Announcing our Trio Blog Giveaway 2 winners!  As we have mentioned in our mechanics before, one lady winner and one gentleman winner. Both of the prizes will be shipped to them once we have completed the details.

Monday, August 11

Enjoy An Exciting Family Day at the Banana Peel Family Fun Ville

Calling all Dads and Moms out there!  This is one of a kind weekend to enjoy with the whole family. The event will happen this coming August 17, 2014 at the Midtown Atrium, Robinsons Place Manila. Fun things awaits us all.

Saturday, August 9

Daddy Day Care: Dora’s Best Friends Picnic

It was an afternoon without the sun, an extra ordinary picnic with Dora’s Best Friends happened at the SM Megamall Event Center. Little Nicksters like my kids enjoyed their day on this picnic event. It was a fun-tastic learning and playing with the family and fellow Dora the Explorer fans. Yes my kids are also a fan of Dora. Vamonos amigos!

Friday, August 8

More Family Bonding At Lancaster New City

Family! For Dads, like me, we always look out for the best for our family. We make sure to provide what they need like food, education, nurture, love and shelter. And speaking of shelter, my family lives in a land area half of 54 square meters. The other half is where my parents live. Perhaps we’ve inherited the Filipino trait of close-family ties, making more family bonding moments together.

Thursday, July 24

4 Ideas To Keep Kids Off From TV and Tablets

One of the problems of parents today is how they will keep their kids off from TVs, tablets, and video games. Kids nowadays are getting more involved in these entertainment devices. Honestly I’m also a culprit of letting the kids play games and watch TV for the reason that there are times that I want them to be quiet and behave for a few hours. As a result I’m having a hard time keeping them off from the TV and tablet games.

Friday, July 18

Friday Toys: Gendace Of Gundam Age

Robots! I know most of the Dads would definitely let their kids enjoy the company of robot toys. Yes, there are plenty of robot toys and some of them have already been an icon, not only in the essence of being a toy but as one of the favorite animated TV series too. I remember some of them when I was a child, Macross, Transformers, Daimos, and Voltes V. I recall that I would always go home early in the afternoon just to watch this TV series. All of them are in 2D and these animated TV series were still called cartoons that time.

Sunday, July 13

Come and Join The Trio Blog Giveaway 2

Calling all Dads, Moms and teens!  We're giving away prizes once again.  Joining together Kwento Ni Toto, Daddy Yashiro's Journal and MAG of My Life is here to give something away through a raffle, the Trio Blog Giveaway 2.  As always we'll be using to pick the lucky winners.  This time we'll be giving away two prizes, one for the ladies and one for the gentlemen.

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