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Thursday, December 13

Climb Central Clears Our Kids of their Fear On Heights

For parents, one of the concerns are fears and perhaps height is the number one among the top list of the fears being experienced by kids. Well my kids, I kind of noticed that they do have lots of fears. As Dad I'm trying to figure out activities that will at least lessen those fears and of course make them have a little bit of confidence. One of their fears is the fear on heights. Of course we tried to have the activity as part of the bonding moment and for them to have the courage to try things without them  being forced to do it.

Climb Central is perhaps one way to enjoy an extreme activity. Since our youngest is into climbing and doing some parkour thing, we might as well all have a climbing activity. It was just a whole day pass that you and your family or friends can enjoy. So for us, we came there as a family.

This is actually our first time at Climb Central, though I have been to other wall climbing venues already and have tried it as well but this time it's quite different. Why it was different? Well, first there are no staff doing the belay. You and your partner will do the belaying, that is why they orient first the user of the facilities about the dos and don'ts inside the facility. If you're alone, well, don't worry because they have the automatic belaying equipment that you can use.  

So, like I mentioned I've already done some wall climbing before with the aide of a belayer. Since my wife is not much of sporty type and the fact that she couldn't do the belaying thing, I'm forced to enjoy the company of the automatic belayer. The good thing is that I won't have to worry that my wife may hurt herself but the downside is that they only got few slots that have this automatic belayer.

So, after I had my few moments of wall climbing and of course to show to my kids how it is done, it's time to be the belayer for them. My wife had her short span of time and low reach while the two kids did enjoy wall climbing, though they don't have much of a strength to go on higher. Still, they enjoyed it and had a great time. The most important of all, their fear of heights were cleared a bit. Perhaps it's a good therapy for them once a month.

So the good all Dap turned coach to them on how they can climb the wall. There were few times of shouting and of course more laughter as everyone did some few bloopers going up.

Our eldest son, Maki, loved and managed to reach 1/4 of the wall climbing area. It's a great achievement for someone who has a fear on heights. Gelo, the youngest, managed to reached higher area than his older brother.  Mommy, well... she did tried to climb unfortunately the rope got too scared of her (just kidding).

Both of my kids would loved to do it again. Of course it God permits then perhaps we will have a few activities every month. For continuity perhaps. This is definitely an activity to do with the kids to build their self esteem and of course their muscles.

So if you want to make your kids a little buff about wall climbing just visit Climb Central. Have your kids visit the gym, or any places in your area that provides the same activity. They also have other activities inside the facility.

You can also get your whole day pass through Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 27

Manila Ocean Park's Four "Es" Experienced by Our Family

One of the best days for Dads are when they go out together with the family. It's tiring but it pays off with great memory to cherish. Our family have always been going out and experiencing different bonding moments and every moment is different.

It is always enjoyable, fun, and exciting, most especially when kids shows that genuine smile of amazement and their little gesture of saying thanks Dad.

Our Manila Ocean Park experience is different. They say that love is sweeter the second time around but for us the third is memorable. Yup it is indeed memorable because this time we're bigger and merrier. The more the merrier.

Also we did find Manila Ocean Park's four E's - Encounter, Explore, Experience, and Educate - very much fulfilling. We may not be able to attend all the activities and destinations inside the park but we did experience few of its major activities.

Maybe one of the main reasons why kids and parents, like me, are encouraged to visit theme parks, like Manila Ocean Park, is because we want to explore. We want to see things, we want to know things and we want to have first hand experience of things we want to know. And I think the first part of the park that have been known were their Oceanarium and Trails to Antartica which perhaps falls into the Explore category.


The Oceanarium

The first time that we visit this part of the park, there were fewer people and you can really explore very well and know what kind of a fish is on that aquarium. Perhaps this part was the highlight that time, most especially the tunnel. Yes on that part, we were able to have more moment this time. We were able to have our video and photos together with the fish. What's more interesting is that it's the big fish, it is still there and the moment is priceless.

So to capture that moment we did a selfie/groupie with the fish and of course a video with it. As if the fish were really joining inside the frame. We were so happy.

Trails To Antartica with the Penguin Exhibit, Penguin Lairs and the Christmas Village

Well, this part of the park is a tricky one because we weren't able to locate the way on how to get there but good thing that there were signs and guards who directed us to the place. It is indeed like a trail to Antartica because of the penguin exhibits and the icy designs plus the feel of it. As if you're really in Antartica.

This is their first time to see penguins up close and their reactions are incomparable. Too bad we don't have much of the budget because we would for sure let them experience feeding those little cute penguins. Maybe next time.

The trail to Antartica not only let visitors enjoy the scene but also let them understand and know information about the penguins. Good thing because we don't have that kind of bird in our region.

Also inside the Trails to Antartica is the Christmas Village where every child knows that Santa Claus live on that place together with Mrs. Santa. It was October but you can really tell that Christmas is just around the corner. Aside from the houses and Snow Man, the kids also enjoyed the man-made snow. Though it was man-made kids love the cold and the ice. One place that they really hold their time out, the fireplace (replica only). Not sure why they stayed there.


Birds Of Prey Kingdom

When we say kingdom it is a territorial thing and I'm not sure about the prey thing but when we got inside this portion of the theme park, well it's more of a predator rather than prey. Perhaps this is one of the most exciting experience of the kids.

At first we thought it was just a simple area where birds are freely flying around but when we got to the edge of the dock area, well, that's where the highlight happens. Without any hesitation and without us knowing that our youngest, Bebe Gelo, talked to the personnel in charge of the area. His brave indeed and willing to try and experience anything.

So when his turn, the personnel gave a gloves exclusively for holding birds on Gelo's arm and placed a piece of meat for the eagle. In one swoosh the eagle snatched the meat from Gelo's arm. Good thing the we assisted to capture the moment. After the swoosh Gelo was screaming both because of excitement and fear but then again it was one of his experience.




All Star Bird Show

Who would not love to see different kinds of birds but this one is quite different because these birds are performing and giving entertainment plus education as well to their viewers. This is not the first time for our kids to see birds performing but seeing a lot of birds performed in one show and flies around made their awe a moment to capture.

Take note that the bird show is scheduled so if you wanted to catch the best seat, be sure to be there early. Unfortunately, we didn't get the best view but still it's worth the watch.

It is indeed entertaining and educating!

Sea Lion Show

Also of the must see show in Manila Ocean Park. Just like the All Star Birds Show this is also a scheduled show. To get the best seats better come early or you'll end up in the upper area and less exciting area.

This show also not just entertain but also gives education about the sea and how to protect it but the act of the sea lions together with their trainers. As one of the first, this is our first time to watch a sea lion show. The place is not our first time but the experience is.

The next time that we will visit Manila Ocean Park we will make sure to get the best seat for a clearer and up close view of the sea lions.


Shark and Rays Encounter

Since we're almost running out of time to at least get half of what was supposed to be visited, we tried to get the closest activity and we believed we haven't tried - the Shark and Rays Encounter. It is rare that we go to the beach and even rarer that we touch creatures from the sea. Of course we didn't get our hands dipping in the water with the sharks but the Rays. We would love also to touch the sharks but I think its quite different. The kids, me and wifey had our truly first encounter with the rays and also educational that we get to feel their skins or rather scales or which ever it is.

Neon Rides

The Neon Rides, I'm not really sure which category it fells but one thing is for sure we were educated that it is really hard to pedal even though you are four doing it. It really needs coordination and cooperation in doing the task - which is making the ride runs.

The night has fallen already and we decided that we end our tour with this one and since it is better enjoyed during night time. It wouldn't be neon rides if it is run on day time.

The good about this is that we get to have a good picture together while posing before riding it. A good photo for our Facebook cover photo. Good thing that the only destination is just around Manila Ocean Park because if that goes more than that perhaps we will be in soaked wet with sweat.

Love this neon rides very much, it really give families, like us, few moments of bonding together. Plus a good exercise as well.

Out of the supposedly 14 activities listed to enjoy we only accomplished half of the it. Perhaps it is much better to be done earlier and perhaps to take your accommodation as well at the near hotel. This is to give your family a more ample time to experience the whole offering of Manila Ocean Park.

Of course an eventful day is better rewarded with a sumptuous meal and one of the best place in the area is Makanmakan. Near and accessible, a wide variety of dishes to choose from and of course accommodating crew. We did enjoy our dinner that time and thank you to Makanmakan for letting us experience the best of their selections.

So Dads and Moms, this holiday season one of the best gift that you can give to your love ones is to let them Encounter, Experience, Educate and be Entertained in the different attractions of Manila Ocean Park. And one way of getting an easy and hassle free tickets is by booking it via Travelbook.Ph.  One of the easiest and accommodating booking company when it comes to your getaways.

To know more about the schedules and fees in Manila Ocean Park kindly visit their website, their facebook page

Friday, September 21

39 Reasons To Be Thankful and Be Happy

Life is great and God is good. There's always a blessing for each and everyone of us.

From the time I was born blessing has always been there. Sometimes small and sometimes big, what's great about it is that they are all blessings. Blessings that give us reasons to be thankful and be happy.

These are my 39 reasons that I'm sharing to everyone. I pray that you too may have plenty of reasons to enjoy life, be thankful and be happy.
  1. I am alive every day.
  2. A great family that loves nd supports me.
  3. A loving wife.
  4. Hyper and lovable kids.
  5. A number of friends that helps when your in trouble.
  6. A house to live at.
  7. Food on our table.
  8. God-given talents.
  9. Skills to use.
  10. A brain to think when it is needed.
  11. A pair of hands for fixing things.
  12. A busy feet to bring to places.
  13. A loving parents that always there to remind me.
  14. A sister that sometimes quarrel me but still loves me.
  15. Relatives that I can count on.
  16. A community where I grew up.
  17. A mix of neighbors.
  18. A church to go to and express my faith.
  19. Churchmates that continuously pray for you.
  20. A voice to express and sing.
  21. Organizations that helped me in my growth.
  22. Ninongs and Ninangs that supports our family.
  23. SAVE ME for teaching me more the value of life.
  24. Ninong Edwin for being a teacher, adviser, friend, and a second father.
  25. Orgmates that became friends.
  26. The experiences gained in travelling with SAVE ME and blogger friends.
  27. Past and Present colleagues.
  28. The different institutions that gave opportunities for me to finish school.
  29. The teacher who have molded me during my learning stage.
  30. Online friends, who are not around but helped in prayers and monetary in times we badly needed.
  31. For life experiences.
  32. For the technology and gadgets that we have.
  33. For my long hair that my wife wants to cut. (feeling Samson)
  34. For my eyes that appreciates beauty.
  35. For my heart that continuously beats and love the woman I adored two decades ago.
  36. For my pair of ears that listen.
  37. For my nose and mouth that enjoys the scent and taste of foods.
  38. For everything that will come.
  39. For my life and a thousand more reasons.
Thankful for everything. Sometimes it may not as we wanted but have its reasons. Always remember God is good.

Thursday, August 23

Father, Father, How are you?

It's been a while since I write something about me, my feelings, the things that runs in my mind and what I am going through. It is indeed a while. I'm not ranting or anything but I'm exhaling the burden that I'm having right now.

The image of Dads to us are very strong. He is the foundation, the pillar, and our fortress. Perhaps that was the image built before. What about if those qualities are not met? Would the father be still image of a father or it would lessen the perception? Well, nobody is perfect and Dads are not spared of that.

These past few months, where I rarely update this personal blog, I have been struggling and weighing the pros and cons of the decision I'm going to make. I have been consulting my better half about it. Also discussing every details and outcomes that may lead to. This decision will definitely turn our life around knowing nothing of what would it be but we're assuring ourselves that we will get through with it.

Father, father how are you? I am not only referring to my father but also to myself. How am I? Honestly, wrinkles on my face have taken over and it is just a matter of time that I would be a grumpy old man. Yes, it is and that's how hard it is to cope up with our lives for now. I think I have forgotten how it is not to worry of the things. I have become less trusting of what HE could do or may be I'm very occupied of trying to stitch things out and forgetting that there's a BIG God that can handle big problems. As it was like in the scene of the movie Finding Nemo, Dory said "it's time to let go". Perhaps it is time to let go and let HIM lead us to the things that HE has planned for us.

I'm letting go of my job for now and take the responsibility of becoming a son for a while. I don't want to have regrets if the time comes. And I'm thankful that my better half is in full support.

We will be facing a new path and we're praying that God will lead us to this decided path. Please do pray for us as well.

Saturday, July 7

Boosting Your Child's Confidence

Perhaps this is one of the struggles of parents like me, how to boost your kid's confidence when he is at his low. For whatever reasons it maybe and perhaps because of their surroundings that affected their self-esteem. In our case with our eldest son, it was hard to crack that shell. It was really a battle of giving him that confidence that he needs.

It started when our son, was on first grade. Perhaps it was because he was the youngest because of his acceleration that made him less confident of himself.

Making him talk in front of the class or when we have visitors is our struggle. We wanted him not to be shy and we did our work small step at a time. Of course us being there makes it easier for him. It was a little by little success.

Seeing this video of a father making his hair bald just to make his daughter understand that even without hair the beauty is still there. The father wanted his daughter to not feel different because of her condition. The little girl suffers from Alopecia.

It's really hard to cope up with life if you don't have anyone to help with you and thanks to Dads like him that understanding the understandable makes it easy.

Sunday, June 17

Sharing 8 Touching Advertisement and Heartwarming Short Films This Father's Day

We owe them our life and of who we have become. To all the Dads and Daddy figures who standby their children, Happy Father's Day!

As we celebrate this year's Father's Day we're sharing to you bits of videos that we've found on youtube that is touching, heartwarming and inspiring advertisements and short stories about Dads. Not everyone are perfect but all Dads and the Daddy figures do their best to be the father for their children. 

This is one specific day that we give respect and tribute to the number one hero of our lives, our Dads. The guy who's always there for us no matter, the man who would leap the tallest building just to give our school projects on time, the person who would stay up late just to make sure we're at home, and the extraordinary Dad that will do everything just to make us smile.

Friday, June 8

Daddy Yashiro Will Visit TOYCON 2018 | Another Year of POP CULTURE HEROES

Dads who loves to have toys for their kids and other kid stuff will sure love to visit this year's TOYCON. Aside from knowing that two (2) of the stars of Power Rangers will be present. It feels great to see in for real the ones that we idolized when we were kids.

So, if you haven't been to SMX to see TOYCON you still have two more days to visit and see this gathering.

Here's the info they have for this years TOYCON.

This year, TOYCON 2018 brings you back to your younger years as they guess two (2) Power Rangers, a Peter Pan Fire Lord, a lycan (ie. werewolf), and a legendary comic book creator at TOYCON POPLIFE FanXperience 2018 on June 8-10, 2018 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

The Philippine TOYCON, Asia’s longest-running culture convention for toys, collectibles, and various pop culture fandoms, announced the latest line up of guests for this year’s highly-anticipated event.

Leading the list is comic book industry Hall of Famer Neal Adams, whose reinvention of Batman’s look to the blue-and-gray color scheme highlights his work and influence during the 1960s and 1970s, aside from creating Batman villains Ra’s al Ghul and Man-Bat, and revitalized other titles such as Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and X-Men.

Filipino-American actor Dante Basco will get to meet his kababayan fans. He played Peter Pan’s sidekick Rufio in the 1991 movie Hook alongside Robin Williams, and is the voice actor for the fire-bender Zuko in Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender, Jake Long in Disney’s American Dragon: Jake Long cartoon series, as well as various video game characters.

Two actors from the Power Rangers franchise will share the TOYCON 2018 stage. Jason David Frank played the Green Ranger and the White Ranger in the 1993-1996 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series and its other iterations over the years. Michael Copon’s breakout role was playing the Blue Ranger in last year’s Power Rangers: Time Force movie, but he was also known for his roles in the TV series One Tree Hill.

Another TOYCON 2018 guest is Kevin Grevioux, best known for his role as the lycan Raze who fought against vampires in the Underworld film series, which he also co-created and wrote the screenplay of the movie. He also appeared in films such as Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes remake, The Mask, and Steel.

American actress, fashion model and beauty queen, Kelly Hu will join Toycon, he's popularly known to play as Sorceress Cassandra in The Scorpion King movie, then Kelly played a villain in X-men 2 movie as Lady Deathstrike, the mutant with adamantium finger claws. She did voice roles for characters in Phineas and Ferb, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Green Lantern:Emerald Knight. On TV she played as Pearl on CW series The Vampire Diaries and also in Arrow tv series as China White.

According to Cholo Mallillin, Event Marketing Head for TOYCON PH, this year’s event aims to give Filipino pop culture fans a playground experience with a community that shares their common interests.

“What we want to give TOYCON fans every year is a sense of belonging to various fan communities. We bring in guests and experiences that bring fans back to why they collect toys, cosplay, read comics, or rewatch their favorite TV series or movies in the first place,” Mallillin said.

Mallillin added that more guests and attractions will be announced in the coming days and even on the opening day itself.

Among the other attractions in TOYCON 2018 is “Sikat Ka Toy!”, the Philippine’s first ever toy design contest. Artists and toy aficionados can submit their designs by June 2 for a chance to receive more than Php 30,000 worth of prizes and the opportunity to have their winning toy design produced for limited sale. Toy designs for the Sikat Ka Toy! contest can be emailed to by June 2, 2018, and contest mechanics are on

Other attractions for this year include toy exclusives from the popular Funko toy line, as well as toy exhibits and launches from global designers, Anatoy from South Korea, Coarse from the USA, Deewy from China, Playhouse from Thailand, and Hidden Fortress Manila featuring the works of premier Pinoy toy designer Quiccs Maiquez. 

The biggest gathering of Toys, comics and merch exhibitors in the country
The biggest toy display by the Philippines Toy Group Association
International celebrities and guest from PopLife FANX
International toy designers from Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and USA
Toy exhibit by XM Studios, Sideshow, Prime One and Hot Toys
Visual art exhibit by Toym Imao
Arts and Comics artist Alley
Filipino Comics Legends Exhibit
ABS CBN Display
Cosplay K.O.
Solar, Jack TV and MTV display
Sinag Animation Presentation
TMC mini cinema showing Tokyo Ghoul, Fist of Fury and The Wailing
TRESE Toy Launch
The Creator Stage featuring online creators and celebrity
Gaming Stage
Sound Arena Stage featuring: KISSBEE, HYOLYN and APL DE AP
Warner Bros. presents Teen Titans and The Meg
Action figure and toy customization contest
Sikat Ka Toy! Philippine toy design competition
Toycon Exclusive - TEQ63 Manila Killa by Quiccs
Toycon Exclusive - Toycon Minifig by Pinoy LUG
Pinoy Pop Culture Icon Award

TOYCON 2018 + POPLIFE FANX is sponsored by Maxi Collector, Legendary Beast Studio, XM, Filbars, Great Toys Online, and Gaming Library.

Supported by Kramer Toy Warden, Warner Bros, Tagalized Movie Channel, Sinag Animation Studios, Anotoys Collectibles, Hubbyte Toys and Collectibles, Dreamworks Dreamplay, City of Dreams Manila, Shopback, Halimaw Studios, Big Boys Toy Store, KidsCompany, Bandai, Gundam Build Divers, Devant, Tamashii Nations, Good Smile Company, Jinio, Comic Odyssey, DC Superheroes Cafe, Food Panda, Bruder, Xend and Oishi O Wow.

Media Partner with ABS CBN, Expat Philippines,, Manila Bulletin, MTV Philippines, Jack TV, PSICOM Publishing, Retro 105.9, and the Philippine Bloggers Network Event Partner with TEQ63, Anima Alliance, Philippine Toy Groups Association and Ex-Link Events TOYCON POPLIFE FanXperience 2018 regular day passes and FanX VIP Experience passes are available in all SM Ticket outlets or through 

We will try to cover most of the activities and of course the COSPLAYERS. We will be featuring them on my YouTube Channel Kwento Ni Toto. We will post the link here once we're done editing and of course highlighting the good stuff.

See you there!!!!!!!
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