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Thursday, August 10

Why Kids Need To Have Vitamins?

Okay, we have not been posting anything much related things with my kids health and wellness lately. Mostly are tales of were our getaways, our play time, or our food escapades. Little that we share about what makes my kids healthy.

Today, I have been noticing sudden changes with them and I’m really amazed that time really run so fast that the kids are now having food habits and everything. Food habits? Yes their eating habits! They are now starting to eat a lot. They are a little picky eater but they sure eat a lot. Before we were giving them vitamins to help them build their appetite and perhaps we have given enough because their appetite is that big.

Thursday, June 8

Tips and Things To Do To Prepare Kids In Going Back To School

Our kids are back to school! Vacation time is over and they need to focus in school. Now, we know that going to school is hard. Been there! So, since I'm working and always out of the house my wife is in charge of making the kids some how not too drawn to their beds.

So, what did she do? Well, she made some school activities that they should do prior the beginning of the class. It's more of a pre-schooling activity. Just to make them be aware that they are about to go to school again. Here are some tips and things to do.

Wednesday, June 7

Create Lasting Memories With Dad at Manila Pavilion Hotel

For us who became a father now knows exactly what our father feels when they were at our age. It was a bliss for them. Now, perhaps it's about time to give to them what they have given us. Any man can be a Father, but it takes someone really strong and loving to be called a Dad. This coming Special Day for Dads, take the chance to spoil the first hero in our lives with delightful treats and promos from Manila Pavilion Hotel.

Tuesday, May 2

It's The Demo Family's Blogs and Youtube Channels Summer Giveaway/ Raffle, Join Now!

The Demo Family’s blogs and youtube channels are very thankful for the blessings that we are currently receiving. These blessings comes because of you, our readers and followers, who have been actively participating, watching and sharing our works. With this, we would like to give back by having a small giveaway/ raffle to our followers and readers, and to our potential readers and followers as well.

We just hope we could raffle more in the near future. We’re hoping for brands, restaurants and companies to help us in this effort in the near future but for now it’s just us with some of our blessings to share.

Monday, May 1

Our Kids Became A Kiddie Crew For A Day

Kids love to play around and be somebody else or what they want to be even just for a while. Things open up for them in a whole new perspective. Something that is instill within them even it is just a play.

Just a few weeks ago, my wife was invited by one of the leading fastfood chain in the country for the launch of their annual summer activity for the kids and also to introduce their newest ambassador for the said activity. Good my wife isn't just the one who's going to be there but the whole of us. Yes, my wife (, me and the kids.

Saturday, April 29

Room For The Kids, When Is the Right Time?

Okay our kids are really growing fast and they are starting to have more stuff of their own and things are getting cluttered in the house. So me and my wife decided to let the kids have their own room. Of course everyone would ask when is the right time for kids to have their own rooms.

When is the right time for kids to have their own room? Is there any right time for the kids to have their own room? Well, in my opinion, as a Dad of two adorable and hyperactive kids, there's no specific or right time for the kids to have their own room. There are few reasons to consider why there's no right time, first if you're house is not big enough to have ample number of rooms for the family and second is the budget or fund to for the construction of an additional room.

Tuesday, February 14

Gardenia Pocket Sandwich, a #PocketFullOf #Fun

Gardenia Bakeries Philippines, Inc., got something intriguing in their pocket and I was one of the lucky bread lover to get a hold of it. It was soft and fluffy that you can bring around wherever you're going.

Gardenia's Pocket Sandwich, it's a #PocketFullOf #Fun and exciting things packed in a pocket size snack. It is the first sealed sandwich in the Philippines filled with your favourite spread in between soft and creamy Gardenia White Bread. The Gardenia Pocket Sandwich comes in two flavors the Choco-rich and the Luscious peanut butter.

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