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Saturday, April 19

Daddy Day Care: #SigeSabado Activities

If you remember my earlier post regarding the Breeze's #SigeSabado Movement well here's what inside that #SigeSabadoPlaybox and I will be sharing what we have done so far with that box.  The Sige Sabado Playbox is a box filled with eight (8) enjoyable activities that Dads, Moms and kids can do during the weekends or perhaps even when it's holiday and as for me, not a #SigeMom but a #SigeDad, we made the weekend a lot more enjoying than the usual.

Here's a note to all Moms, Dads and Kids... it's addicting and doing one activity a day isn't enough.  It's tempting to do all the activities and my kids would ask if we could do all the activities in one, of course time is our main problem as each activities entails time and patience.

So for those who are expecting to see what we have done so far.... well here it is.

First of our activity was Planting The Mongo Seed.  We've got the pot, the mongo seeds, the shovel and the watering pot then the kids do the move.  Of course we, parents, should accompany them when doing this activity.

Second, was the Make Your Own Slime which came out to be a nasty, messy and fun activity for the whole family.  We really got messy while doing this activity, my youngest son, Gelo, is even naughtier while mixing the ingredients.

The third one that we made was the Popsicle Names and Pen Holder.  Kids can get more creative on this activity.  I remember when I was still a kid we used to have Popsicle sticks collected from Ice drops then we make model houses, pen holders and others.

The fourth one so far was the Harlequin Mask that we made.  It got simple design and I think it is more of a Phantom Mask rather than a Harlequin Mask.  Anyway we love it and played with it.  One lesson I learned from my youngest son... never dare your kids when they just woke up from an after nap, they will do anything that you dare to do.

So far these are the activities that we've made and next time the rest of the activities.

You can do these activities as well with the whole family.  Enjoy and share if you've done all of it.

Baby Blast Year 5, Fun-O-Lympics For The Whole Family

Last year Daddy Yashiro's Journal was tapped to be one of the Media partner of Baby Blast 4 and it was fun being one.  Seeing our badge on different paraphernalia was great.  It is indeed one of the fulfilling moment of our blog.

This year, Baby Blast is going on year 5 and this is going to be one great activities not only for the family but also for those who are building their family or on the process of having one.  Everyone can learn a lot from this event and at the same time have a great time.  So to give you more details about the event below is their announcement of the event.

Thursday, April 17

NIDO Fortified "Wear Your Love" Campaign

What makes mom #1? Well, for one, the answers are from the kids and they can help you in answering that question. It is indeed that moms are #1, no matter what the generation you're in. And Nido has been through that time and witnessed the different generations.

A week ago Nido Fortified invited Daddy Bloggers and a Kid for a round table discussion about their latest campaign for Moms this coming Mothers' Day. Yes, this time they collaborated with the Daddies and kids as this year's Mothers' Day celebration is a little intimate because Moms get to wear their kids love. Nido Fortified rolls out their “Wear Your Love” campaign together with the website providing a fun and meaningful way for kids and family members to express their love for the person, in particular, the Moms. This will be a very personal surprise to recognize the #1 Moms.

Tuesday, April 15

For Expectant Moms and Dads, Baby World For You

Okay, we all know that most Moms are the ones who look for the baby things and Dads are usually on the side, waiting to pay.  Isn't it right Dads?!  It's a bit funny but it's true.  With what I'm going to share today will hopefully change the game set and Dads will have the say when it comes to baby needs.  We, Dads, need to know this too and not only the Moms.

Wednesday, April 9

Daddy Yashiro Will Try and Make A Review About K5 Learning Program

Daddy Yashiro will be trying the program of K5 Learning.  They got an online reading and math program for kindergarten to grade 5 students. Which is great for my kids.  So we will try to experience the program within 6 weeks of free trial to test and then write a review about the program.  If you are a blogger, you may want to check out their open invitation to write an online learning review of their program.  Check it out and see more at

So let us see what will be the outcome.  I'll try to post weekly assessment of my kids' development with the program.

Monday, April 7

Monday Rush: This Kid Radiates His Happiness to Others

Most of Daddy Yashiro's Monday Rush are about rush and the fast paced world but this time we're rushing into anything. Yes we are not into rush mode but instead will just share something that will melt everyones heart. The first part of the video is cute, nice and amusing but what really touches my core is the last part.

Know More About Innocence In Time at The Book Launch

How many books have you read already?  And perhaps how many of them are interesting stories that you want to read over and over again?  Well, if you do have plenty then you might want to include this book in your list.  The book, Innocence In Time written by Chai Galapon will be having its Book Launching and Book Signing event on April 13, 2014 4:00 PM at the Health Hub Activity Area in SM Center Pasig.

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