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Thursday, March 29

Daddy Yashiro Talks About Baby-proofing Your Home

Another learning from different parenting sites, forums, and of course the best source are the moms (I got plenty of mommy friends – bloggers and not) that I would like to share as well. Of course there are some minor changes and tweaks that I did or rather added. Well it’s always different to every family and situations so parents should adapt or level up.

So, without anymore more blah blah and blah here it is.

Baby-proofing home is one of the things that parents should do nowadays. Since most of the times parents aren’t frequent in the house, unless they are full time moms or dads, so keeping everything in safe mode is the best for babies. Whether you think this is needed or not, you should have it. It’s more of a precaution to insure the safety of the children.

Tuesday, March 27

Daddy Yashiro’s Shares Newborn Bathing Ritual

It’s been 6 years since the last time I held our youngest son and gave him a bath. It was scary and I’m really nervous doing it. I’m worried that I might do something that would not be okay with him but thank God with my wife with me I was able to pass that worrisome stage. So, now that they are already big and they can do bath on their own I missed that moment but of course it will always be a memory to cherish.

This came to be because I find out on my FB feed that some of my friends are newly Dads. It’s their first time to be with a baby and to hold them. So, to give them something to look at as a reference I’m sharing some of the things I learned not only through experience but also with the events I have been that talked about babies.

Friday, March 23

Friday Toys : Kamen Rider OOOs DX OOO Driver

It's Friday Toys once again, unfortunately we have been a very busy Dad so we weren't able to share some of our toy reviews for you all. It was those busy, tiring and uneasy days. Hopefully we can maintain this time and share some of the good stuff that my kids are having or have. Of course there are some that are not that good but hey it's a toy, it's all good stuff for them. Just make sure to have some safety precautions when having these toys for your kids. Take note always read the labels if the toys are right for your kids.

So, shall we start.....

Wednesday, February 21

Our Kids' Youtube Channel, Kids On The Go

Since our kids are moving up to their ladder of successes in school and of course with their individual discoveries, we wanted to boost up their confidence and self-steem by having their own Youtube Channel. Yup, we did created a channel for them where they can say and do things on cam but of course with our supervisions and with some instructions as well.

Monday, January 22

Monday Rush: Facilities For PWD

It's Monday again and you know what always lies during part of the week, well it's nothing else but traffic. Always but this past year until now its getting worse. If my previous stories about Monday Rush is me rushing to the office now it's different or should I say much worse.

This 2018 I've revisited this blog again and made some personal posts. Just had some time to visit my other blogs because of my injury. Yup, I posted previously that I got into an accident of which I have to spend my days walking on one leg. Now imagine me skipping and hopping around the house with one leg. Well to be honest it was hard but what's harder is this morning trip to my office.

Wednesday, January 10

Accident and Learning the Reality of Disability

I remember years ago I was able to see online one of the most amazing and strong person this world has ever had. I even had a short blog post describing him and his situation. You can check it out here on entitled "If You Think...". I was very much inspired by his will power and his devotion to God. To be exact that was 9 years ago and that was before I had my accident just this weekend.

The name of that person is Nick Vujicic, the man without arms and legs from the day he was born. The guy who shares his life story as an inspiration to others. I believe a few years ago he was here in Manila as one of the inspirational speaker in an event. Too bad wasn't able to be there to see and hear him in person. Still, knowing that he went here was already an encouragement not only for the depressed but also to those who are lost.

Daddy Yashiro Looks at the Security Feature of Vivo’s In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Smartphone at CES 2018

First things first, Happy New Year to all!

Okay, so I got this interesting info that one of the young global brand is making a great noise at the CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Guess what they are showcasing to the global audience? Well it’s their world’s first ready-to-produce in-display fingerprint scanning smartphone. Now talk about security features. Perhaps this Dad need to have some of these for our kids. Not only that Vivo brand is sleek and cool, its security feature is interesting. Parents or kids won’t have to worry in any case they lost the phone. But of course we will have to wait for its availability.

This innovative breakthrough from Vivo will sure attract a great audience. This is another mobile experience for customers like us who would really want to get secured and safe.

To get more information about this sleek phone you can read more of it below.
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