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Thursday, July 24

4 Ideas To Keep Kids Off From TV and Tablets

One of the problems of parents today is how they will keep their kids off from TVs, tablets, and video games. Kids nowadays are getting more involved in these entertainment devices. Honestly I’m also a culprit of letting the kids play games and watch TV for the reason that there are times that I want them to be quiet and behave for a few hours. As a result I’m having a hard time keeping them off from the TV and tablet games.

Friday, July 18

Friday Toys: Gendace Of Gundam Age

Robots! I know most of the Dads would definitely let their kids enjoy the company of robot toys. Yes, there are plenty of robot toys and some of them have already been an icon, not only in the essence of being a toy but as one of the favorite animated TV series too. I remember some of them when I was a child, Macross, Transformers, Daimos, and Voltes V. I recall that I would always go home early in the afternoon just to watch this TV series. All of them are in 2D and these animated TV series were still called cartoons that time.

Sunday, July 13

Come and Join The Trio Blog Giveaway 2

Calling all Dads, Moms and teens!  We're giving away prizes once again.  Joining together Kwento Ni Toto, Daddy Yashiro's Journal and MAG of My Life is here to give something away through a raffle, the Trio Blog Giveaway 2.  As always we'll be using to pick the lucky winners.  This time we'll be giving away two prizes, one for the ladies and one for the gentlemen.

Sunday, June 29

Solaire Soars The Sky With Air Asia

Solaire, soaring high up in the sky
     with the orange colored brand so bright.  
Offering a branding experience as you fly
     with one of the airbuses that is right.
Lifting away this July
     as it extend beyond its light,
A place to reach before the night
     to see the morning at your room on height.
Initially one and soon to multiply
     Mixing leisure and flight
Resort and casino is a sight 
     But with air travel more of a delight.
Experience the sun's light
     More brighter up in the sky. 

Friday, June 27

Friday Toys: Malay The Proboscis Monkey Toy

Hi there!  It's Friday and I'm eager to share today one of the toys that my kids recently have.  Though it's not that recent but the thing is that I haven't featured it here in Daddy Yashiro's Journal's Friday Toys.  So we're going to share it here.  This toy is something that will teach the kids of what they look like and of course if it is explained by the parents properly and clearly they will also learn their name and perhaps where they live plus their appetite.

Sunday, June 22

Here's The Winner of Kwento Ni Toto and Daddy Yashiro's Journal Boxfresh Shoes Giveaway

Tantatatan! And the winner of Kwento Ni Toto and Daddy Yashiro's Journal Boxfresh Shoes Giveaway is none other than.....

Maricel Cel Fajardo

It's late and we're sorry that this was posted late but like the saying is, "it's better late than never".   Though we didn't posted ASAP of who's the winner well we did get in touch with the winner ASAP and agreed for a meet up.  We contacte Maricel and met in one of the malls in Quezon City and as a proof of that meeting above is her picture together with the paper bag containing a pair Boxfresh Shoes that she just won.  I'm sure her husband is delighted to see that his wife got a present for him.  

Again congratulations to Maricel for winning the raffle and for those who did not, well wait for more giveaway.  We got plenty of planned giveaways just continue to read Kwento Ni Toto and Daddy Yashiro's Journal.  

Great day everyone!

Saturday, June 21

Daddy Yashiro's Father's Day Experience with Max's Gifts

For a Dad like me Father's Day is just one of the best days of the year and it's even more interesting when gifts started coming.  I'm no celebrity but being with people who recognizes Dads is great and I'm very much thankful to the Lord and to everyone. For this year my experience was different.  This is the first time that I received something from others. I received gifts from Max's. What's more different is that I'm not the one who spend for it, hahaha!
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