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Friday, December 26

"Holiday Activities"

Preparations for the Noche Buena, etc, and everything is the usual thing Filipinos do. In our family, my wife Angie started a simple tradition with her cousins, nephews, nieces, and other relative by doing a simple program and party for the KIDS before the Christmas Eve. As usual when it comes to parties and program my wife always volunteer me as the host.

Our usual venue was in my in-laws house, for the reason that it is much closer to my wife’s relatives and second for the past three years (since we got married) we celebrate Christmas with my wife’s parent while the New Year is at our house together with my parents. So this time the venue is at our house and we intend to start it much earlier.

It was almost past five in the afternoon when we started the party. The kids were so eager to start the party. In addition to our tradition we invited my cousins and nieces and some other close friends. The more the merrier.

We only had a small budget for this party due to financial crisis but we celebrated it anyway, plain and simple just to continue the tradition.

I’ve only prepared a few games unlike the past years we got lots of games and gimmicks. We had the singing of Christmas carols and the longest Christmas humming. And then together with the kids we prayed for the gifts and foods that we are going to share. Angie together with her Mom, Aunt and my Mom served the food to at least fill their stomachs after some tiring games. After the meal everyone greeted Merry Christmas and to make their night much merrier they were given gift.

Maki was so happy and was grinning and smiling with everyone at the party.
After the kids party our family had a simple “salu-salo”, cheese sticks, chicken, hotdogs and rice. We brought Maki beside the Christmas and started opening his gifts from his ninong and ninang. And later on we slept early because everyone got so tired with the party.

Early morning on Christmas Day, our family prepared to go to church.

Other activities that we did this Christmas. Got a lot of very tiring activities and stroll.


Wednesday, December 24

"Last Day of Work"

December 24 the last day of work. Hay....... what a work? Still, we have to go to work to finish some works and maybe will go on half day to prepare for the "noche buena". I think we still lack some of the ingredients for broiled chicken. hehehe.

Anyway to everyone "Have a WONDERFUL AND MERRY CHRISTMAS"


Monday, December 22

"Christmas Parties : I Sucks at Raffle Draws"

December 17 is the Christmas Program/Party of BCDA held in Jimmy's Grill (?) in Fort Bonifacio & December 18 is the Christmas Party we organized for SCTEP held at the parking area of Cliffwood Staff House. Eventually all this parties and programs has raffle draws. To think of it the stuffs were really pretty neat. Specially the major prize in BCDA its a Sony Bravia LCD TV (whew!!!!!)

Of all the number of prizes they've given away I don't even get anything not even a SM gift cheque. Haaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could you imagine since I started working in SCTEP BCDA with all those Christmases I did't even won any raffle. Oh by the way there is one but I wasn't there because its my honeymoon. Hehehe.


" Raffle"



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5. Approved and verified account is entitled for one (1) raffle entry.
6. Only ladies are eligible to join.
7. Only new, approved and verified accounts at will be qualified for the raffle.
8. Cut-off will February 13, 2009 6:00 P.M Philippine Time
9. Raffle will be drawn on February 14, 2009.
10. Winner will be notified through email or through telephone.
11. Prizes will be sent through If from the Philippines winner will be contacted on how to claim their prizes.

Prize: $10.00 or its equivalent in peso (Php500.00)

Note: This is an external promotional campaign for


"Maki's First Christmas Tree"

I've bought this cute 3 feet tall Christmas tree at a Duty Free Shop in Clark Air Base. It only cost Php379.00, it comes with an optic fiber light so you don't have to add a Christmas light but if you it to be more brighter load it up with more lights.

Maki loves to watch this at night. We'll turn off the fluorescent light and watch the Christmas tree with the dancing and twinkling of the lights.

By the way when set this Maki's the one who put the big STAR on the top!

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Monday, December 15

"Sunday Jampack Activities"

Yesterday was a very tiring day for me. It was a Sunday morning we were invited to a "binyag" / baptism of Irad's baby (Irad is Angie's cousin) and Angie is one of the "ninang" / godparents. The place was really far I think it was more than 30 minutes ride without any traffic at all. So far this is the farthest place Maki has ever been to.

We got there before the baptism. It was a simple baptism. Chatted with Angie's cousins, eat, and drink. Later on we got off from the place and proceeded to North Avenue. By the way the place was somewhere in Montalban, Rizal, its a resettlement area.

So from Montalban to North Avenue and straight to the Mall "Trinoma".

Maki was so very excited to climb up the stairs, so we let him climb up. When we're inside the mall Maki is so eager to walk and watch everyone and everything.

We went to Cuts for Tots to get Maki's First Hair Cut Certificate then we look for the Gymboree to inquire for their classes.

Later on we went to this arcade "the TIME ZONE". We just stroll the place and look for games and something of interests. When my wife Angie got curious on this one game with a lot of candies, curls, and chips. You scoop a bunch of candies and place on the panel which goes to and fro and once the its full the excess goes the opening and you get to keep it. The best things is that it got a jackpot once you hit it you'll a bunch of chips and curls.

So Angie got a card worth Php100.00 reloadable and we started playing. Since we don't really had a practice we only got a few candies. Anyway we all have fun.

We went home very tired and sleepy.

Well in addition today is our 3rd Wedding Anniversary. Since we got married we haven't got a formal celebration of our Wedding Anniversary. I really hope we could spent it good next year.



Tuesday, December 9

"Help Me Help!"

Last November my wife's nephew, Raphael was scheduled for operation. He was already in the hospital and all pre-operation procedures were set. A few minutes before his operation the doctor stop the operation and declared that Raphael won't be able to heal fast or it might have complication if they continue the operation. The doctor explained further that Raphael still has phlegm and they thought that they could get rid of it in just a few hours that's why they still go on with the pre-operation procedure. But still Raphael is not fit to be operated.

Raphael Montas is two years old already and he has a very usual case of deformity, his clef pallet and clef lip. We have looked and asked for help to different organization for Raphael's operation. Many had responded and most of them were free granting that Raphael will be in good and healthy condition before the operation.

Raphael was scheduled and prioritized many times and I think his last was his fourth attempt to be operated.

Due to his condition his very receptive to viruses and bacteria which causes his health to decline. Also with lack of good nutrients to supply his body is the major problem.

Raphael's parents are simple and don't have much income to support his operation and nutritional needs. Marlon a tireman in a not well known tire supplier, only earns Php 100.00 to Php 200.00 a day while Felisa is a plain housewife. With the income they are earning, supporting Raphael's nutritional needs is a big problem for them.

Raphael really needs the operation as early as possible so he could be treated like a normal people and away from mockery of people who don't understand his situation.

Help me help Raphael by giving him support that he needs to ensure a good smile on his life.

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