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Wednesday, May 28

“PKP the Start of My Experiences and Life Adventures”
PKP… this is where it all started. What does PKP stands for? Well, PKP is an acronym for Punla sa Kaunlaran Project, a child sponsorship program of the Puno Memorial United Methodist Church (that was before but now Puno United Methodist Church) partnered with Lingap Pangkabataan Inc. or LPI and funded by Kindernothilfe or KNH, a Germany based NGO that helps children in need. PKP is not just a child sponsorship program but a scholarship as well, because an average grade of 85% must be maintained in order to stay in the program. How I got in? For people in need friends and networks are of great help like my mother she found out about PKP through her friends. I don’t how but she got it anyway. Her friend introduced us to Kuya Gilbert Cedillo, one of the youth leaders in the center, and we were accompanied for the initial interview. The scholarship was good but they got some sort of in return kind of thing if I were admitted…, I have to attend their church service every Sunday which at first I hesitated. Reasons? First we were Roman Catholic (that was before) and second I’m glued to my bed on Sunday mornings. So that’s my worries then but to think of it I would only attend their church service so … what the heck! I got nothing to lose (a mere decision that ended up with huge gift). So I decided to pursue my application. Eventually I passed and got admitted to the program. So there… the pursuit of knowledge, lessons of experiences, exciting adventure, and exotic travels began.


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