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Thursday, August 14

"Hello Cup Goodbye Feeding Bottle"

I don't know why my son don't like feeding bottles anymore but one thing I like about it I don't have to buy feeding bottles again. He'll only drink through his feeding bottle when his asleep. He'd rather drink on his cup or sip with his straw than to drink with his feeding bottle.

Monday, August 11

"Maki's First Pictures"

Pictures of Maki.
The day he came into our lives.

"Maki's Very First Picture"

This is an ultrasound of Maki when he was 6 weeks and 4 days old.

Tuesday, August 5

"Hitler look-a-like"

Does anybody seen Hitler when he was a baby.............
we'll maybe he looks like this.

My son was so very happy that he giggled so much.


"My Groovy Son"

My groovy son. On our way to the church.


"Playing with Feeding Bottle"

Maki playing with his feeding bottle.


"Malling with my Son"

My son touching Tropical Hut Mascot Figure's nose during our malling.

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