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Wednesday, September 10

"Our Cute Little One!"

Our cute little one! Anarc Makisig with his open polo .... looking like a teenage model already (I wonder.... hmm..... Ten months old already and so hyper active. He loves to climb up and pick up every thing. He sometimes swing around and around the things that he picks up.

Every Sunday after Church Service we go to this mall near in our place. Maki (that's what we call him) always make turns in looking all the lights and stuff that he sees. He even tries to reach for it and touch it. That's how active Maki is.

Wonder why he got a yellow pony on his head. His mom put it on because his hair is too long already and it irritates his face. We wanted to cut it off but his grandmas don't want to cut it off they say to wait after his birthday. We don't know but anyway mothers knows best. Hehehe.

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