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Tuesday, September 23

"September 21... My Birthday"

September 21, the day I was born on this world. In the Philippines, September 21 is the anniversary of the declaration of Marshal Law... the Military rule. In our house... it is the declaration of Laundry Time. Yap! Laundry time. On my very special day I'm doing the laundry but of course I'm not doing it alone. This is their gift to me ........ hehehe........

Anyway since we don't have budget for the celebration of my birthday we decided to do the chores on that day.

While doing the laundry Maki was playing in his crib. Wrestling with Mickey Mouse.

On the afternoon we do our usual strolling and played at Tom's World. We stayed in the mall till 10 in the evening. Later on we went back home and spend the rest of my day playing with Maki.

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