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Tuesday, September 23

"This is what you call life ... TOYS!

Who in world would not love to have TOYS? Nobody! From young to old... from north pole to south pole... from east to west... from ancient to modern times... what ever kind of toy is it... everyone had experienced having and playing with TOYS.

In our part as new parents on this world and since Maki is our first son we really got excited and so eager to buy TOYS for Maki.

While strolling the mall and looking for a place to eat we passed this food chain and saw this kind of toy. The toy is really cute so we bought it and had our snack. With eagerness to see what would Maki's reaction we showed it to him. Maki was so amazed and very happy when we gave him the toy. He eventually grabbed it and held it closer as if he was going to kiss the toys.

The toy is a replica of a fish, a clown fish specifically. I don't know if it is based on the movie Finding Nemo but the color of the fish is yellow so I don't think that's Nemo.

If for adults luxury and money is life... for this little ones TOYS is their life .

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