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Thursday, November 13

"Part 1 of Maki's Birthday Celebration"

Friday morning, when we woke up Maki was in a very bad mood. Angie and I don't know what was wrong. It was Maki's first birthday. Anyway we went with our preparation for Maki's birthday but Angie still have to go to work because her boss did not allowed her go on leave.

Maki, still in a bad mood and started feeling unwell. It was around 3:30 pm, we dressed up Maki for his birthday party and kids started coming.

We started the Children's Party past 4:00 pm. I hosted my son's birthday party. We sung a birthday song to Maki and had fun playing with the games I prepared. The kids enjoyed and were so happy with the party. When Maki was about to do the blowing of the candles my wife Angie arrived from work and joined with us.

The kids who joined the party numbered at almost 70. Maki still enjoyed the party though he was feeling unwell.

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