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Thursday, November 13

"Part 2 of Maki's Birthday Celebration"

It was Saturday, the continuation of Maki's Birthday Celebration but this time at Shakeys, Ever Commonwealth most of his guests are his Ninong and Ninangs (Godfathers and Godmothers) and some of the kids.

The guests (Ninongs, Ninangs, and others) arrived past 4:00 pm but the celebration started 5:00 pm because Maki is not feeling well.

The host started the party and enjoined everyone to sing a birthday song for Maki as he celebrate his first birthday.

Captain Shakeys appeared and greeted Maki. Altogether with Captain Shakeys we had our picture taken.

The party ended at about 7:00 pm with greetings from Maki's Ninong, Ninang, Tito, Tita, and friends.

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