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Monday, December 22

"Christmas Parties : I Sucks at Raffle Draws"

December 17 is the Christmas Program/Party of BCDA held in Jimmy's Grill (?) in Fort Bonifacio & December 18 is the Christmas Party we organized for SCTEP held at the parking area of Cliffwood Staff House. Eventually all this parties and programs has raffle draws. To think of it the stuffs were really pretty neat. Specially the major prize in BCDA its a Sony Bravia LCD TV (whew!!!!!)

Of all the number of prizes they've given away I don't even get anything not even a SM gift cheque. Haaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could you imagine since I started working in SCTEP BCDA with all those Christmases I did't even won any raffle. Oh by the way there is one but I wasn't there because its my honeymoon. Hehehe.

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