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Friday, December 26

"Holiday Activities"

Preparations for the Noche Buena, etc, and everything is the usual thing Filipinos do. In our family, my wife Angie started a simple tradition with her cousins, nephews, nieces, and other relative by doing a simple program and party for the KIDS before the Christmas Eve. As usual when it comes to parties and program my wife always volunteer me as the host.

Our usual venue was in my in-laws house, for the reason that it is much closer to my wife’s relatives and second for the past three years (since we got married) we celebrate Christmas with my wife’s parent while the New Year is at our house together with my parents. So this time the venue is at our house and we intend to start it much earlier.

It was almost past five in the afternoon when we started the party. The kids were so eager to start the party. In addition to our tradition we invited my cousins and nieces and some other close friends. The more the merrier.

We only had a small budget for this party due to financial crisis but we celebrated it anyway, plain and simple just to continue the tradition.

I’ve only prepared a few games unlike the past years we got lots of games and gimmicks. We had the singing of Christmas carols and the longest Christmas humming. And then together with the kids we prayed for the gifts and foods that we are going to share. Angie together with her Mom, Aunt and my Mom served the food to at least fill their stomachs after some tiring games. After the meal everyone greeted Merry Christmas and to make their night much merrier they were given gift.

Maki was so happy and was grinning and smiling with everyone at the party.
After the kids party our family had a simple “salu-salo”, cheese sticks, chicken, hotdogs and rice. We brought Maki beside the Christmas and started opening his gifts from his ninong and ninang. And later on we slept early because everyone got so tired with the party.

Early morning on Christmas Day, our family prepared to go to church.

Other activities that we did this Christmas. Got a lot of very tiring activities and stroll.

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