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Monday, December 8

"Medical Mission"

Last Saturday, December 6 we in our office conducted the BCDA Medical Mission in Brgy. San Ramon and Brgy. Nabuclod of Floridablanca, Pampanga. Take note simultaneously! Could you imagine conducting two activities with a distance of six kilometres (I think). Though the road is cemented it’s still a long road to get to the other activity. Along with it BCDA shared a Christmas Party for the Aetas in Brgy. Nabuclod with a short program, prepared some foods, and little gifts for them.

My role here is to ensure that both activities were supplied with materials and other things they need. In other words I’m a roving supplier(hehehe). It really exhausting to do.

If you’re familiar with Medical Mission activity you’ll understand what it means when you conduct a Medical Mission activity simultaneously. Still, we had it completed and successfully served both the locals of Brgy. San Ramon and the Aetas of Brgy. Nabuclod. I got to manila almost five in the afternoon.

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