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Monday, December 15

"Sunday Jampack Activities"

Yesterday was a very tiring day for me. It was a Sunday morning we were invited to a "binyag" / baptism of Irad's baby (Irad is Angie's cousin) and Angie is one of the "ninang" / godparents. The place was really far I think it was more than 30 minutes ride without any traffic at all. So far this is the farthest place Maki has ever been to.

We got there before the baptism. It was a simple baptism. Chatted with Angie's cousins, eat, and drink. Later on we got off from the place and proceeded to North Avenue. By the way the place was somewhere in Montalban, Rizal, its a resettlement area.

So from Montalban to North Avenue and straight to the Mall "Trinoma".

Maki was so very excited to climb up the stairs, so we let him climb up. When we're inside the mall Maki is so eager to walk and watch everyone and everything.

We went to Cuts for Tots to get Maki's First Hair Cut Certificate then we look for the Gymboree to inquire for their classes.

Later on we went to this arcade "the TIME ZONE". We just stroll the place and look for games and something of interests. When my wife Angie got curious on this one game with a lot of candies, curls, and chips. You scoop a bunch of candies and place on the panel which goes to and fro and once the its full the excess goes the opening and you get to keep it. The best things is that it got a jackpot once you hit it you'll a bunch of chips and curls.

So Angie got a card worth Php100.00 reloadable and we started playing. Since we don't really had a practice we only got a few candies. Anyway we all have fun.

We went home very tired and sleepy.

Well in addition today is our 3rd Wedding Anniversary. Since we got married we haven't got a formal celebration of our Wedding Anniversary. I really hope we could spent it good next year.


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