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Thursday, October 23

"Prelude to Maki's 1st Birthday: 9th to 11th Month"

Too busy preparing for Maki's birthday. Here are the final photos of Maki from 9th month to 11th month.


Wednesday, October 22

"Prelude to Maki's 1st Birthday: 6th to 8th Month"

Just look how he change every month.


Monday, October 20

"Prelude to Maki's 1st Birthday: 3rd to 5th Month"

Maki's picture every month.


Wednesday, October 15

"Prelude to Maki's 1st Birthday: 2nd Month"

One of his cutest picture during his second month. Me and wife really love his smile here.


"Maki's First Hair Cut"

Last Sunday after church service we went to Trinoma to look for a salon for kids. Luckily we found one, the "CUTS for TOTS". So we went in and found a lot of kids also having their hair done. Maki's attention were with the toys, a lot of toys. My wife inquired for hair cut and we were ask if it's Maki's first hair cut and we said yes so they offered us if we wanted to have a certificate of Maki's first hair cut, we kind of hesitate at first because of price but hey what the heck it's Maki's first. So we decided to have him a certificate but we will be getting it two weeks after. By the way the certificate includes Maki's picture before and after together with a pieces of his hair.

The hair stylist had a hard time cutting Maki's hair. But not only the hair stylist also their staff who took the pictures.

After the long hours of taking his pictures, cutting and shampooing his hair at last it finished with a nice and well trimmed hair plus a little gel to get it in style.

Well the cost of his hair cut is nothing compared to how he looks and his first experience.


Tuesday, October 14

"Prelude to Maki's 1st Birthday: 1st Month"

This is the span of his first month on this world. Maki looks like an Indian here while his mother holds him in her arms. The first month.... what a month...


"Prelude to Maki's 1st Birthday: 1st Days/Weeks"

This is what Maki looks like when he was born. Her Tita Angel commented that Maki's nose is like his Mom. And she added also that Maki was "Nognog" or dark colored baby.


Monday, October 13

"21st Anniversary of PUNO United Methodist Church"

October 12, 2008 it's the celebration of our church's 21st Anniversary. 21 years of proclaiming God's word. The celebration was a success.

Though some of the people wasn't able to be inside the main sanctuary there was a live video feed made available for them. They made an extension of the church service on the ground floor because the sanctuary can't hold 700 people inside.

Glad that we came early that day. So we were able to be there inside the sanctuary.

The message deliverer was Ms. Nelly Favis-Villafuerte, one of the member of the Monetary Board of the Philippine Central Bank or Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and a Writer in her column Gentle Breeze in Manila Bulletin. She's not a PH degree holder in any theology but she really delivers the message of God really good.

After the church service a sumptious meal was serve to all church goers.


"Maki's 1st Quest"

Invitation of Maki on his 1st Birthday. Which one will you choose?


Friday, October 10

"Toy Profile: Stitch 2 or Plapla"

Stitch 2 is different figure. His head is bigger and the body is much smaller. This stuff toy is from Tom's World. When my mother sees this toy and noticed the ears she named this toy as "Plapla". She compared it the firecracker called plapla. The best part of Maki is his ears as usual nibbling it.


Thursday, October 9

"Toy Profile: Moo"

Today's Toy Profile is Moo. Who is Moo? Moo is a stuff toy that I don't know where he come from. What I know is that my sister gave it to Maki. He is a cow with a horn and Maki plays with him. Now Moo is one of Maki's Toy Collection.


Wednesday, October 8

"Reveiwing Websites:"

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"Remembering the Past: After the Wedding"

Do you know what's the best part after the wedding? Of course ........... but besides that...its.... opening of the gifts. Well after the wedding my parents house and my in-laws house were cluttered with gifts.
So to sweep the mess we opened them one by one. Most gifts were the same and surely most of them were glassware only few of them were unique. I think half of them were being used and half of them were stocked and stored.


"Toy Profile: DK"

Toy Profile for today is DK not Drift King of the Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift. DK stands for Donkey Kong, if you were a game addict in the 80s you'll surely know who is this character. Donkey Kong is a Gorilla character in the family computer game. This toy got a necktie on which maki always and loves to nibble.


Friday, October 3

"Remembering the Past: The Proposal"

A good spot to bring out the selected ring, beautiful scene, beach side view, and the summer breeze. A place somewhere in Batangas, not very famous but the beach is very nice. Together with my family and her family a perfect day to propose and at the same time ask for her hands from her father. Which turns out very well.


"Remembering the Past: The Wedding"

Have you tried recalling and reminiscing the day of your wedding? The happy moments... the crying moments... and the I dos. Well I still do love looking back at our Wedding pictures. This pictures were taken December 15, 2005 that's our Wedding Anniversary.The kissing moment which I'm sure everybody is waiting for this. Well they really asked for another round of a kiss.
The long trail, bubbles and butterflies. I still can't believe that trail was that long.
The wedding accessories. I don't know where the garter is but I really love doing it again. Pulling the garter. Hehehe.

"Toy Profile: Mickey"

This time our Toy Profile is Mickey. This huge stuffed toy is as big as Maki. Me and my wife spent a lot of time and money getting this one. At Tom's World it cost 3, 900 plus tickets. Luckily we sometimes hit the jackpot so we get a lot of tickets. At present Maki sleeps besides Mickey and sometimes he would wrestled with it.


"Toy Profile: Elmo"

Our Toy Profile for today is Elmo. Who is Elmo? For those who leaved in the days of Sesame Street they would know who is Elmo. Anyway, Elmo is a character in Sesame Street, a cute little kid monster. Got this little toy in Tom's World as usual. Maki loves his poking eyes.

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