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Thursday, January 22

"Reveiwing Websites: All-in-one Bangalore"

I wish that I could go abroad! Not to work but just take a tour and explore places that offers different experiences and exciting adventures. The world is so big I don’t know at what age I will be able to make my explorations. For now I’ll just have to take my journey in a realm that leaps beyond boundaries… the cyber world.

The World Wide Web offers a variety of information and facts about anything. The best thing is that it only cost you your monthly DSL bill or rental fee in a Computer shop. So this is the cheapest way to explore the world.

Since the web offers almost anything there’s one sight that I’ve seen and I think I could start my exploration and journey with this one. The site is called “All-in-one Bangalore”. At first when I’ve read the word Bangalore I thought it means something different but when I see the pictures … ohhhh. I see now my mind is refreshed. Bangalore is a place in the southern part of India. So India … the place of women with stones on their forehead … a place of spices (mmmm yummy), a land with rich culture … the birth place of the Kama Sutra ... inhabitants of beautiful people … and much more to think of.

I really like this site and it really gives me information about the culture and place in Southern India though I’ve only read a few parts of it. So maybe if I read more I’ll really get a chance to be a part of the beautiful land. Bangalore here I come!

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