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Tuesday, January 27

"Reviewing Websites: Jill's Whatever"

If you’re looking for a website or blog site that can suite all your needs I think a know site that would answer everything. The site’s name is … JiLL's Whatever. I like the header area where there’s a picture of a girl anime. I think the owner of this blog is most likely the anime girl on the header. She represents her. Her style is just plain and simple without much of extraordinary designs.

Taken from header JiLL's Whatever, she actually come across with whatever she finds and whatever she thought to write about… I think. Her blog contents were from anime to pictures, from health to interior design, from luggage to almost anything. She sure does loves to write about things. And I’m sure her favorite line is “Whatever”.

So if you’re looking for something to read try visiting her blog. I’m sure you’ll find something that you might be interested with.

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