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Saturday, January 24

Reveiwing Websites: The Lost Pages...!"

Have you experienced reading a book, a very good book but when it comes to the best part and you turn to the next page it's ripped off? It happened to me and I was so frustrated not to finished reading that book. Hayyyyy......

Our blog for today is called "The Lost Pages...". Lets start with a simple description to explain the the blog. Lost means unseen, not found, taken away, etc. The pages maybe pages from a book or something. I think he titled his blog the lost pages to show that most of us are missing some facts of like in their country. So by writing it in his blog he would be able to bring this lost pages to us.

The blog is about his life, family, work, facts about his country, and everything that he think would be helpful to everyone who would read his blog. So... I think we found the lost pages!

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