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Wednesday, February 25

"Japanese Names"

Hi to everyone who always read this blog.

While browsing for some materials to put on our project (secret project) I happen to stumble on this little fun thing to do. So if you're into this just down your comments here and what will be the result of you name.

please fill your name in Japanese (refer to table below) and send it to all of your friends to show how crazy it looks like....


A - ka

B - tu

C - mi

D - te

E - ku

F - lu

G - ji

H - ri

I - ki

J - zu

K - me

L - ta

M - rin

N - to

O -mo

P - no

Q - ke

R - shi

S - ari

T -chi

U - do

V - ru

W -mei

X - na

Y - fu

Z - zi

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