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Friday, February 20

"Lottery Newscast"

Yesterday, all Lottery outlets were box office. Just like a box office movie, lines pile up just to bet with their desired numbers. Some of their numbers were taken from birthdays, anniversaries, favorite numbers, dreamed numbers, and even numbers taken from fortune tellers. Everybody is hoping and wanting to win the jackpot prize of Php288,000,000.00. Woooowwww what a number!

Last night we were also waiting for the result of the draw to what number will be drawn and if there will someone claim the jackpot prize.

And the lucky numbers are 1 - 22 - 35 - 36 - 41- 42. Still no one bag that huge... huge ... amount! Maybe it will raise to Php300,000,000.00 until the Sunday draw.

I wonder... where will I put this kind of money of I win...............

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