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Saturday, February 7

"The Secret: First Obstacle"

Since last Tuesday, after Alexis let us watch a documentary film (I think?) entitled "The Secret". I'm trying to practice what is said in the film, "think positive thoughts" to exhaust positive energies so that the law of attraction would takes place and attracts good vibes.

Last I have coursed out my dreams in our cork board, what I want to have, and what to gain. This morning I made my morning with positive thoughts.

The day goes on with good and positive things happening.

But tonight at Chowking Ever Commonwealth the first test come up.

I went to the counter area and ask for two glasses with ice. I've waited for more than five minutes (take note 5 minutes) standing right in front of the counter area while the crew and manager just pass me by. Could you imagine you were standing in front of the counter area and no one ask or follow up what I wanted. So I ask for the manager and that was the time that they have noticed me. So I got the glasses with ice and went to the water dispenser area, filled it with water and went back to my son and wife.

I explained to my wife what happened when suddenly this crew went to us and attempted to clean our area. Take note we're not finished eating. So I stopped the crew and voice out what is wrong with this place! I was angry that time even though we're not finished eating I told to my wife lets go!

Is that a test of me practicing to exhaust positive thoughts. Hayyyyy! What a test! But still I want to get the attention of Chowking to make their staff and crew be courteous and attentive to their customers.

At least now I was able to course out that negative thought and energy.

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