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Saturday, February 21

"A Visit to Our Ninang (Ate Sahlee)"

Today we had our adventure. Angie my wife called me up at home and told me that we were invited to come to Ate Sahlee's house. Since Ate Sahlee was so dear to us though it was already dusk we still decided to went to their house and take note it was in Valenzuela. So Angie, Maki and me met at Ever Gotesco and later we went to Robinson at Novaliches area to ride a FX route to Bagumbong. We got there I think it was almost 7 pm.

We were meet by Ate Sahlee at the subdivision gate. We thought the party was in their house but it was in some place near the subdivision. So we were accompanied to their house and waited their since we got their at the time the party is over. So we waited and later balloons were delivered inside the house, I think they packed up already.

Balloons were all over the sala and we were surprised to what Maki acted. His mom ordered him to stay and don't touch the balloon... well he did obey his mom though he really wanted to touch and play with the balloons. So just to ease his craving to touch the balloon and really did what he was told, we decided to get one bunch and let him play with it. When children started to came he also wanted to play with them and he was shouting as if he knows them. heheheh.

Anyway we ate, chatted, and had some drinks we Ate Sahlee and Kuya Nick. Almost 9:30 pm when we left. Maki was so sleepy that he really sleep during our travel back to our house. So we had a day and now I'm tired. Good night!

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