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Sunday, February 15

What did you do on Valentines Day?

Well, me, I've made something that I'm sure my wife loves it.

It goes like this first I bought two valentines card, post it pad notes, and one set of 12 different colors of molding clay on my way home. It took me a few minutes looking for a great valentines card to give to her. When I finished buying those things, put it inside my bag and went home. I make sure that she won't see it. She always spoils my surprises. But not this time. Hehehe.

February 13, 2009 at 11:00 PM, while my wife put our son into bed, I sneak out of the room and went to my parents living room and started making my surprise for her. Past 11 when I finished writing dedications for my first card. I also make a note on the post it saying "Mommy, Buksan mo yong drawer" (Translated for our foreigner friends "Mommy, Open the drawer") with a drawing of an arrow pointing to the drawer. So, I sneak back to our room, placed the post it on the mirror and the card inside the drawer and went to sleep. I'm sure she'll see it in the morning.

To my surprise Maki cried and my wife woke, that was 11:59 PM and I'm so worried that she'll spoil my surprise again. 12 midnight ding... dong... she didn't see it ok. Back to bed. But suddenly she saw something different on the mirror so she looked at it and found my surprise. She was supposed to see that in the morning but anyway it's already Feb 14 so I said Happy Valentines Day! And then we sleep.

6:00 AM we woke up and prepared breakfast. She still have to go to work. We had our routine. Maki and I accompanied her till she ride the jeep. And then we went for a walk, after that went back to the house. When I finished the chores I started making my next batch of surprises.

I prepared the last valentines card for the evening, after that made this little cute molded clay with flowers and heart with a text "Mommy I Love U" and placed it in a plastic box. Once everything was prepared I write down notes to the post it to where she would find this things just like a treasure hunt. Hehehe!

We meet up at Ever Gotesco Commonwealth and had our dinner date at Shakeys together of course with Maki. After we finished dinner we went to the grocery and bought a few. (She don't have any clue then to my surprise) After the grocery we went home.

I was so excited to see her reaction.

When we got inside the house she noticed the posted note, put down Maki and started tracing for the clues and getting the surprises. She's happy for the surprises and she said that she already know that I had a plan but she doesn't know what it is.

So that's how we celebrated our Valentines Day!

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