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Friday, March 6

"Dneero Conversation: Our Philippines"

Does anyone whom I know tried to join and their conversations? If haven't what are you waiting for join now and be apart of this worldwide conversations. gives the opportunity for you to speak out and let your thoughts and ideas read and known by other members.

Plus this is not only a conversation site but you can also earn here. Earn? Yeah! Earn! When you join a conversation you get a chance to earn a few cents or dollar by posting your conversation widget. Once you qualified for the you'll the amount posted on the conversation.

Simple right! Since I joined last I've earned a few dollars... only $21. It's actually little for the span of time but hey I've a dollar.

To have your earnings you have to have first a paypal account you can register here. Once you have your paypal account place you paypal account to where they will send your earnings once you've reached their qouta for payment. Their qouta is $20. Once you've reached it, then they will send it to your paypal account.

Simple and easy!

This is their new convo (that's what call the conversation) they send to my dneero account. "Our Philippines"! It got a lot of different question there so join us here.

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