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Friday, March 6

"Francis M. 'The King of Filipino Rap' Farewell"

Just this after March 6, 2009 news spread through text messaging that Francis M is dead. The king of Filipino rap is already dead. It was a shock for everyone!

Who is Francis M? Francis M is a son of Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran, both actor and actress during the 1940s. Francis M. is an actor, song writer, singer, and an artist. He was coined as the "The mouth" and later on the "The King of Filipino rap". He first introduced rap to Filipino people during the 1990s and later on many rap artist followed and through decade still Francis M's song/rap always hit the spot. He was established as one of the main pillar of the music industry.

francis m

It is a great loss for the music and movie industry. But still his music will continue to linger in our ears.

As a fan of Francis M I remember him as a patriot and a true blooded Filipino. Why? Because during the time of new wave and foreign hits he injected his vision of nationality through his song and his hit single on his album 'YO!' was the "Mga Kababayan Ko" or translated as "My Fellow Countrymen". That's how I would remember him.

francis m

Francis M ..... PEACE MEN!

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