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Monday, March 16

"Monday Boredom and dneero-Your Health ..."

Office hours just finished and I'm still in the office. Don't want to go to the staff house... yet! That's because I don't have anything to do. So ... I'd rather stay for a while in the office and do some extra things. So right now I'm writing down on my blog just to ease the boredom that I'm feeling.

It was good that provided a convo (stands for conversation) today. The convo is about "HEALTH". Take note it is all about "HEALTH". It nice because earlier this day we had an orientation with the HMO which coincide with I think the orientation was supposed to start at 9 am but it started almost 9:30. Anyway we had a boredom breaker because the facilitator is not boring.

Aside from the convo in their site they also had convo at If you have at least try to join and respond to their twitter questions to earn a few cents a day.

Ayway it's up to you if you want to join or not.

So much for, at least my boredom subsided a bit.

Does anybody got any other extra income earning ideas. If you do have one I was hoping if you could share it or enlighten me. My wife and I are looking for other extra earnings. Suggestions, comments are all welcome.

So so much for boredom.......

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