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Monday, March 9

"Monday Rush: Non-Stop Crying of Maki"

Another Monday morning, actually it's Monday dawn. It's about 1 am in the morning Maki started crying and we don't know the reason. My wife Angie tried everything but still Maki is restless. I tried to get Maki but he refuses to get off from Angie. They settled for a hour but later on Maki started crying again it was quarter to 3. We thought that Maki might just having problem with his tummy. He hasn't gone popo for three days. So we decided to buy suppository just for him to have his popo.

My father went out at past 3 am dawn just to buy suppository. Still crying and crying later on he slept, maybe he got tired of crying, so we just leave him and wait till he woke up again. It was 4 am (I think, I lost track of time) when he woke up so we decided to put the suppository and waited for him to release his popo. 5 am we woke up again and he was making the releaseo. We cleaned him and that was the time that he was relieved.

Me, still dizzy and lack of sleep took a bath and prepared to go to work. I still manage to get on time on our meeting area. When the service arrive, hopped in, laid my back, angled my position and then slept. Moments later where in the vicinity of the office.

What a day!

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