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Tuesday, March 10

"Reviewing Websites: WTF are we going to do now"

Angie and I are new parents and we’re still in the process of learning and knowing things about parenting. Most of the things that we are practicing right are thought by our parents, of course who else would be our model. Basically not all experiences are the same and what they have learned during their time might be different from what is now.

In order to understand matters about parenting we try to look for references, books, and websites that can help us. To give us more knowledge and things that we need to do incase an event occur or symptoms were found.

Lucky for us, I found this one site that could help us in our process of learning… the “WTF are we going to do now? Parenting Course”. This site has an area were Moms and Dads send their experiences, dos and don’ts and they even share tips for your daily chores for the kid. It’s just more like a Parenting Magazine where you can compare yourself to Moms and Dads who shares their thoughts and everything that they think can help other parents like them.

So if you want to know something about parenting check out this online Parenting Magazine. Plus you can check sites to like


1 comment:

  1. thanks for pointing this information. it will give us more idea on what to share to other parents.


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