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Monday, April 20

"Don't Judge the Book by Its Cover"

I was able to watch a video recently and this video surely speaks for the saying "don't judge the book by its cover". Most of the time people only looks at the outside appearance, be it a thing, an animal or humans. We intend to look at only those that pleasing to the eyes. We neglect the beauty of the whole being and what he/she/thing/animal can offer to us. Well on this video we'll surely learn not to judge people. This is Susan Boyle who sings in Britain talent show "Britain's Got Talent"


1 comment:

  1. That woman, God bless her, is a reminder to every one of us that it is more important that we believe in ourselves and the virtue of who we are, than believe in what/who people think we are.

    She stood there in front of the world, ignoring what assumptions people had and sang to her heart's delight. She is definitely an inspiration!


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