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Monday, April 27

"Saving Mother Earth...SAVE ME first"

Most companies and producers today are going environment friendly. This is the right thing to do because most of what we are using today is little by little damaging the world we live in. Nobody knows how long will Mother Earth live but one thing is for sure she is the only planet that we can live in. Though there are researches and studies being taken, still we've got a long... long... long way to go.

What Mother Earth needs are not pictures with poses of planting trees, not a written manifest on broad sheets or ads, or a good proposals but what she needs is a little act of saving ourself first. Sounds different! Yes it's different because what I mean is that we should save ourselves from the norms of the society and peers. That's what the SAVE ME Movement or Students, Action, Vital to the Environment and Mother Earth Movement is all about. The organization's core foundation. We cannot save someone or something if we cannot save ourselves. We cannot clean Mother Earth if we in ourselves are full of garbages. If we change our norms and discipline ourselves we can surely save Mother Earth.

A little act means a lot! A simple throwing of candy wrappers in garbage cans or trash bins will surely not only lessen the trash on the street but will also help stop floods and other tragedies. Another example is when you eat in a restaurant or fast food chains, what does socialites do? Well of course, they always have left over. Call me hungry beggar (patay-gutom) but hey it's a grace from GOD and there are a lot of people dying in hunger, so why do you have to have left over on your plate when you can simply finish it all. I'd rather be a simple man than a socialite if that's the case. One more is the use of motorbikes. This bikes are becoming so popular because it is cheap, easy to handle and can course through heavy traffic, and it's "in". Yes it's good but the idea of burning gas and emitting carbon dioxide in the air for just riding a block away from your destination is something not good for Mother Earth. You can walk instead! You get to your destination and at the same time you had your exercise which will surely extend your life span if you make a routine. All of this is just examples of norms that we usually do and we take it for granted.

Let us save Mother Earth by saving ourselves first. By doing that every plan will surely flow smoothly and successfully.

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