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Thursday, May 14

"Daily Happenings! : Missing OS"

Another day completed, a few hours more and a new day will come. What have I done today?

First, I’m still sleepy because of last night’s birthday party and my sleep isn’t complete. But anyway there’s not much work load today and I didn’t stressed myself. Also I got to time to visit and surf some websites in the net, plus I updated my facebook account, though there are still friend request that I wasn’t able to accept.

5:00 PM, end of office hours, I managed to create another blog but this one is more on earning money online, reviews, tips, and things about blogging.

I was almost finished when the computer glitches and suddenly the screen flick and a blue screen appears then it shut down. I thought it was just a normal shut down and it will restart back but to my surprise it opened with a screen “missing operating system” whoaaaa! Now that’s alarming! I thought about my files…. is there any back up to that…. etc. …etc. Those are the things running to my head while rebooting it. I think I reboot it more than ten times but still it won’t go straight to windows and it’s looking for a boot device. What a night?

I was already loosing hope and I’m already planning to send it to MIS early morning. But still hoping, I tapped the sides of the CPU and boot it once more. Whohooooo! It opened and started again. Haaayyyyy! A big sigh! Now that’s the time that I made a back up of some important documents. Just to be sure.

So that’s what happened today and I already miss my baby. Anyway tomorrow is Friday.

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