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Friday, May 22

"Daily Happenings!"

Nothing much to tell here. Since I just had our DSL connected I just get busy updating all softwares in pc. So it really used most of my time. But anyway when I finished it I'll post more blog entries.



  1. Hi I just stopped by to drop on your Entrecard and wanted to let you know that you have been added to Blog Angel's All Above the Crease Drop List . I created the list because I was sick of wasting time trying to find people's Ecards. You and everyone on the list has their Entrecards in an easy to find location. Stop by and check it out.

  2. Great, you are more computer savvy than I am. I have to get Hubby all the time reinstall when my cranky machine dies on me.

  3. Well you have to learn things.


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