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Saturday, May 9

"A Day with Maki and Cosplay at SM North"

It’s Saturday, another time to spend the whole day with Maki. A time to be a DadMom and this time we’re really home alone. My father and mother have an activity at the church, my sister and my wife have to go to work, meaning the two of us (Maki and I) are all alone. But we’re not really home alone because our “labandera” (laundry lady) is here with us but she’ll be busy doing the laundry.

I woke up early and accompanied my wife to the jeepney station, bought a “sopas”(macaroni soup) for Maki. Then on my way back home I bought a broad sheet newspaper and bread for our snacks.

Maki woke up at around 9 am with a good mood and he was smiling. I prepared his food and we had our breakfast. Then I started our routine. First, I gave him his daily vitamins to make him strong and healthy. I prepared all his clothes, diaper, and water for his bath. Then I brushed his teeth and gave him a bath. It’s just a quick bath because I don’t want him to get cold. Later on I dressed him up, gave him his milk and put him to bed.
So this is our routine every Saturday. Then on the midst of this activities My (my wife Angie) always ring the phone and ask how’s Maki and what have we done.

Our “labandera” finished her chores and went home. So… we are really home alone this time and we don’t have any food to cook today. With the present situation I have decided that we will go to SM North since my wife told me before that there will be a COSPLAY at the SM North Annex. I prepared Maki’s things and when he woke up I dressed him up with simple clothes with a cap and a sandal. I also dressed up and later on we’re off to SM North.

When we arrived at SM North, we went straight to Pizza Hut Restaurant and there we had our lunch. We shared the “Chicken Fillet and corn soup”. After our lunch we went up to the SM’s Sky Garden (I don’t if that’s what they call it). We had a picture taking and a little site seeing.

There were a lot of people at the event center when we arrived. Most of them were dressed like an anime characters, a movie characters, and even a computer game characters. Their ages varies from kids to adults. Their costumes were very colorful and eye catching.

Oh I forgot the event was called a “COSPLAY”, a short term for a costume play. What is a COSPLAY anyway? Well, according to the best of my knowledge a COSPLAY is an event where you try to mimic, copy, or impersonate a certain character and they were taken mostly from anime and cartoon characters. This COSPLAY really started from Japan (I think? And I don’t know the real reason why they do this but it’s really cool and enjoying).

Enough with the information and let’s get back on track. Since we decided to get there we first bought load for our cellphone load retailing business. Then we went back to the event and look for some cool, fancy, and eye catching COSPLAYERS (that’s what they call the participants). Fortunately, we were able to find a lot of cool characters and we even took some pictures of them but since we don’t have anyone with we weren’t able to have a photo together with the COSPLAYERS.

It was an experience for us (Maki and I) and I am planning to join with these COSPLAYERS on their next event. So I will become a COSPLAYER also. Hehehe. Hope so! What character will I COSPLAY…………..


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