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Sunday, May 24

"General Cleaning!"

We got so very busy this past months and we haven't got any time to clean and fix the house so today we decided to have a general cleaning. Fortunately I'll be the one will do the cleaning because Angie, my wife, will just have to keep an eye on our little one. His (Maki) very hyper and very active. We don't want him to bump his head or anything so his mom will just have to take care of him while I do the cleaning.

Since the house is all clattered and messed up I started with our bed. I put the pillows and the sofa bed outside to get it warmed up by the sun including all the pillows. Then the clothes and Maki's toys. Cleaned up the kitchen and sink. And lastly my things.

It took me the whole day to clean the house. Since it's Sunday I stopped at around 3:30 pm and prepared to go to church.

When we got back after the church I continued cleaning and at last finished it. Hayyyyy!!!!!! I'm so tired. Angie is also tired with Maki. Now the house is clean and we'll just have to do it again but I don't know when.

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