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Wednesday, May 27

"New Apps for Google Android Phones"

I’m not a techie guy but I sure love gadgets. I only read news, reviews and features of gadgets that interest me. This is to give me updates and information of new technologies and gadgets.

I don’t have a Google Android phone but I like how Google create their phones. Not too fancy it’s just simple and elegant. Just like how they created their Google chrome, no fancy buttons, wide screen, and spacious. I’m already saving money to buy one of these Google Android phones.

It is glad to hear that Google will be launching a new set of application for the Google Android phone. I’m very sure all Google phone fanatics will be anticipating the release. Google will be launching four applications the AStunes, AScinema, Aspics, and ASdisk. These applications will let you use the Android Storage to store pics, videos, music, and data without using the phone’s memory. With you can actually enjoy more pics, vides, music and data. For me, I like more on pics and videos. I can enjoy numbers of movies to watch and store without overloading my phone's memory.

It is expected the 350 million users in the US and UK will be using the Android phone platform. I’m sure with the features of Google more users will be using it.


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