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Thursday, May 28

"Office Team Building Activity"

Yesterday we had a Team Building and Assessment Activity in our project managing office, the Operational Support Service (OSS). We started it in the office. Showed a simple audio/video presentation of all the works completed and all the personnel of the OSS. After the lunch we continued our team building at the clubhouse in Villagio Subdivision.

We prepared games for everyone as part of the team building activity. The games are "Lucio Tan" (swim and dive between the legs of your teammates), "Henry Sy-siran" (dive and get the most number of coins), "P-Isaac Puno" (filling the bottle with water by squeezing out the water from the clothes, and the last one is called "H-Andrew Tan" (just like a gladiator match inside the pool). Then swim and swim and swim.

We also held a singing contest. heheheh. The highest score was 97 but that's not me. It's Okens!

Then it was continued today but this time to finalize the work assessment. Who says work and leisure cannot come along? But on our part we manage to hit two birds in one stone.

After that my body sure aches of that swimming. Anyway work and happenings like that don't usually come together.

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