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Thursday, May 7

"The Pages"

Tonight my head is spinning and looking for something to write. I tried to look at each and every object that I see. None of them seems to inspire to write something. I close my eyes.

Wandering through the darkness of my closed eyes, still nothing seems to drive my will. I shut my eyes, relaxed and opened my ears. A sound of dripping water soothes into my ears. That made me more relaxed.

I opened my eyes, hold the pen, and started to think. With a little effort from my mind my hand started to write. Scribbling words as if it has a mind of its own. Then I realize I was writing my life, making every word as if it is my experience, my emotions and my soul.

Phrases and sentences reflect my whole being. Engraving my past with the pen I’m holding, blackening every sorrow and striking out the mistakes I have committed.
I know my life isn’t full yet and most of my pages are still clear and blank. I pause for a while and think. Words float in front of me asking myself “What have I done? And what will I do? Perhaps these are the questions that will guide me for every pages of my life that flips behind me. And as my life continues let that question be answered.

Tonight I’ll rest my pen for tomorrow is another page, another markings and another milestone to post. Good night and God bless!

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