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Saturday, May 16

"Princess’ Birthday Party"

Today is May 16, 2009 and today is the 7th Birthday of Princess Michaela Mangubat. Who is she? She is the eldest daughter of our Pastor, Rev. Dr. Oliver “Bong” Mangubat. And of course Maki is invited!

It‘s a thanksgiving to God for the seven fruitful and blessed years. The birthday celebration is scheduled at 2:00 PM and at the Club House of Cranwood Subdivision (I think that’s the name), BF Homes, Quezon City but fortunately and thank God the party started past four (I think). And that’s because of us being late. Well maybe that’s one thing that we should get rid of… getting late in a very important event. Anyway the whole Club is reserved, including the pool, so we got lots of time. One reason I think is that the weather is sunny and the heat is too hot to bear especially for the kids that’s why most of the guest came around 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM.
We got there in the place together with the other guest hitched on the church van. Later on most of the guests arrived and we were settled on the table. Pastor Bong and Ate Michelle was already receiving and accompanying all the guests. When everyone was settled they started the program with a simple slide show presentation which is the history of Princess for the past seven years. At that time Maki wasn’t watching the slide show but keep on pointing and looking at the pool. Actually the first time he saw the pool he already wanted to go there.

After the slide show Princess was introduced and came in dressed like a true princess. She offered a song for everybody and after that Pastor Bing led the prayer to start the occasion.

The program flows like a debutant birthday party. It has 7 gifts, 7 blessings, 7 candles, and of course the most waited time (this will be clearly felt by Pastor Bong once she turned 18) to dance with the celebrants, the 7 roses.

At the mid of the program there was also a show of the Clown and the Magician. For the kids, just seeing these two performers is already awe to them but they were more awe when they saw their performance which I think most of the moms and dads there also dropped their jaw in amaze. Unfortunately Maki got scared of the Clown and he doesn’t of the show what he care about is the swimming pool which later on his mom plunge him in and enjoyed playing with the other kids in the pool.

Cold and shaking a bit we pulled Maki out of the pool and dressed him up. The program ended with the 7 roses. Maki was already tired and so are we. That’s what we thought but when we showed him the playground and the slide, his energy flared up and started playing again. He had his first time on the slide.

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