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Monday, May 18

"Result of dNeero Conversation"

dNeero ask for the dneero-rites (me)  to what question they wanted to posted on  So this is my question and below are the respondents. 40 people answered 3762 Twitter followers saw it

RT: @yashirokuru "What can youth of today do for the world and the environment?" 

@dNeero I think it should start inside their home, like cleaning their surroundings and proper waste disposals... 2 Days Ago

 @dNeero Pursue a lifestyle of excellence as they are the future world changers 4 Days Ago

 @dNeero Youths are having response to reduce global warming. 8 Days Ago

@dNeero use natural cleansers like vinegar, and natural deodorizers like sodium bicarbonate instead of commercially available ones! 10 Days Ago

@dNeero we can plant trees and clean our city10 Days Ago

 @dNeero stop smoking. 12 Days Ago

@dNeero to all youth, be a good citizen, help clean the environment and finish your studies - 13 Days Ago

@dNeero Youth of today may join clubs that helps the communities or they may help in segregating their trash at home to clean the envrnment. 13 Days Ago

@dNeero They can do a lot of things to keep the environment more healthy. 13 Days Ago

@dNeero unite for more awareness 13 Days Ago

@dNeero the youth can start recycling at home & making a conscious decision to buy green products & doing environment-friendly activities 13 Days Ago

@dNeero awareness and action. 13 Days Ago

@dNeero theres a lot of simple things they can do. just by sorting garbages into its proper disposal is a big thing. 13 Days Ago

@dNeero start disciplining themselves in order to help the world and the environment. 13 Days Ago

@dNeero The youth have seen the negative effects of the wrong doings of the past,they must not follow but reverse it for a better world 13 Days Ago

@dNeero One simple thing the youth can do: just don't waste resources! Too many young people simply waste a lot of things. 13 Days Ago

@dNeero education is the first step - after that, it's up to them, they ARE the future after all 13 Days Ago

@dNeero They r the future n by initiating efforts for environmental conservation n favoring green energy sources change will come eventually 13 Days Ago

@dNeero reduce, reuse, recycle... and most important of all, influence their peers! 13 Days Ago

@dNeero hehe,not smoking and Advocate environmental protection. 14 Days Ago

@dNeero When shopping, try not to get a bag if you only have one or two items. Or you could bring your own cloth bag to use. 14 Days Ago

@dNeero Q:$0.05: a youth can lead a way towards the prosperity by sensing global issue 14 Days Ago
@dNeero There is so much! Educate themselves about the issues, recycle, reduce emmissions, buy local, spread their enthusiasm! 14 Days Ago

@dNeero Do not drive 14 Days Ago

@dNeero Protect earth from global warming and support green peace 14 Days Ago

@dNeero We can try to make social conscience about the problems of our planet 14 Days Ago

@dNeero Study it, figure out a plan, and lead the charge to save the environment. The older folks are too cynical. 14 Days Ago

@dNeero I advise the youth to go Back to Basics! No using of styro and plant trees and more trees!14 Days Ago

@dNeero awareness is the greatest thing. they can start improving themselves b4 they try to change the world. 14 Days Ago

@dNeero stop smoking and start planting trees! 14 Days Ago

@dNeero be aware and start early in using eco friendly stuff... avoiding mostly those that are reaking havoc to the environment... 14 Days Ago

@dNeero Help in the campaign for minimizing unnecessary use of energy. 14 Days Ago

@dNeero use recycleable package 14 Days Ago

@dNeero keeping on clean and plant a tree 14 Days Ago

@dNeero LOL minimize the use of computers? :D or... discover ecofriendly devices :) 14 Days Ago

@dNeero Learn from the mistakes of the previous generations. Stop the pollution and use more alternative energy resources. 14 Days Ago

@dNeero Practice recycling and plant a tree! ;)14 Days Ago

@dNeero practice recycling.. 14 Days Ago

@dNeero Learn to eliminate waste by reusing and recycling. 14 Days Ago

@dNeero more action. less words 14 Days Ago

Glad that everyone are well aware of the Earth's situation.

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