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Tuesday, May 5

"Wrap A Latte in Style"

Having trouble holding your coffee cup? Can’t bear the heat and the mess? Here is something to solve your problem, a very unique and stylish way of holding your coffee cup. The Wrap A Latte! It is a coffee sleeve made from insulated fabric to keep your hands cool while holding a hot coffee or choco. These coffee sleeves are not just coolant but it is also a fashion statement.

With a variety of colors, designs and styles to choose from this coffee cup sleeve can sure match your outfit. Be it in retro, classy, modern or futuristic. Just got to their website and pick the swatches you like.

You can also make this as a gift for your friends and relatives who really love to drink hot beverages. One super cool suggestion is that when you buy the Wrap A Latte make sure to include a Starbucks Gift Card.

Grab one of this and happy sipping!

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