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Tuesday, June 30

"Winners of the Yashiro Blogoversary Contest"

Readers! At last the long wait is over. I'm sure all the entrants are eager to know who are the winners of the Yashiro Blogoversary Contest. To end the excitement here are the winners of the Yashiro Blogoversary Contest.

1st Prize - sherrygo

2nd Prize - fairiezrose

3rd Prize - fairiezrose

4th Prize - mysjoins

5th Prize - sherrygo

Congratulations to all the winners! Also thank to all the sponsors!


Monday, June 29

"Busy... Busy.... Busy! Problem.... Problem... Problem!"

I don't like way things going on tonight! First, I need to fix my website but unfortunately there is something wrong with the hosting site. I don't know what it is, I just know there's something wrong. I thought my website will be launched this July but the way I'm doing right now, it ain't going to happen.

Second, I got three articles to write and I don't have any idea or inspiration to make a good one. Two for a blog post contest and the other one is for a school magazine.

Another thing is that I don't have any huge earning for a week already. I only got $7.5 from blogvertise and a pending of $4.20 from buyblogreviews which will be credited on July 1. What an earning! I'm also waiting for entrecard to buy my 10,000 EC Credit worth $10. Now tell me is that an earning. Hayyyy! I need to work double time here.


"Cut Off of Entries"

The submission of entries for the Yashiro Blogoversary Contest is officially cut off. No more entries are qualified if submitted beyond 11:00 PM.

Wait for the raffle. All winners will be notified via email. Good luck to all entrants.


Saturday, June 27

"New Shoes for Maki"

We went to the mall today to buy shoes and socks for Maki. The shoes just quite big for Maki and most of them ranging from Ph400 to Ph600.

We just look and look for the right one until we found one and it cool for him though its a bit bigger. Anyway, hell wear until his birthday (I hope!)

So today Maki just got a new shoes!


Friday, June 26

"Michael Jackson"

At the age of 50 the king of pop had died this morning. He died of cardiac arrest. Another known icon had marked their name on the obituary.

I remember when I was still young, I used to listen to one of his best and top hits music the "Thriller". It sure hit the spot and even the moves and choreography was followed and dance by so many dancers. Also who would not know the moonwalk which was introduced by Michael Jackson. Man, those are the days and now all the people (maybe not all)in the world are very sorry for his death.

Still he made a legacy and history. History of a black man evolving himself to become white and history of glamor and scandal.

Now, record bars are for sure will earn double this month! News says that a lot of people are buying cd's and albums of Michael Jackson.

For the king of pop... salute!


"Blogoversary Cut Off"

Two days from now will be the cut off of the "Yashiro Blogoversary Contest". So anyone who would still want to join get on the computer start making raffle entries by simple posting a blogs or banner and subscribing to my RSS. You can also add up your raffle entries by adding me to your technorati, digg, and delicious.

So, what are you waiting for! Get into your computer and start blogging. Prizes awaits you! Just simple click here to get into the rules and also the prizes.


Thursday, June 25

"Endurance Athletes"

Endurance sports is amazing. And it really keeps you in good shape.


"Don't have Enough Time"

Lately, I'm having problem joggling my time with four blogs to maintain and to keep rankings on top. Well up to now I'm getting hard scheduling things around. But still I have to make it to earn some extra cash.

Tonight I'm still doing something to write for at least two of my blogs just to update them.

Plus the upcoming raffle draw I have to contact all the sponsors and inform them that the draw will next.

So that's blogging life!


Wednesday, June 24

"Setting Up My Website"

Right now, again, I'm building my own website. I'm not very good on details but I'll try to make a very nice one. It's really hard doing something that you don't frequently do. Hope that I finish this before the end of this month.

I'm not leaving this blog, I'm just adding my sites and of course to use in my business to be and affiliate marketing.

I'm just praying that I'll be able to earn more and enough to buy our own house, most probably our dream house!

So you better watch out for this site and I'll posting it very soon....!!!!


Monday, June 22

"Timex Zone Trainer"

To be honest when I see the products of watches with heart rate monitor in's product reviews, the only brand that calls my attention is the Timex. All the other brands are not common to me. Funny isn't it, maybe because I wasn't very fond of wearing watches that's why I had no idea about this things. But anyway glad to know that aside from Timex there are still more brands out there.

It's cool that you get a watch with heart rate monitor. Aside from being stylish you can also get health conscious. And of course you don't have to carry those gadgets that is bulky and only for monitoring your heart rate.

What is great about this Timex Zone Trainer Digital Heart Rate Monitor is that it can be worn by both men and women. And the features, outstanding! It has a chest strap heart rate monitor, easily accessible function buttons, durable resin case, and comfortable resin strap with a stylish tapered profile.

I'm not much of a health training guy but I'm sure this watch has a lot of feature that you can use in your training.

So if you're into serious physical training you should have one of this.


"Weight Loss Blog Contest – Top Prize $250 Cash"

I just found this site that for sure will heighten your interest in blogging. So I'm sharing this to everyone who reads and follows my blog.

The contest is initiated by which is a weight loss blog.

The contest will run for the month of June. At the end of the month he will randomly select 7 winners for the following prizes:

1st – $250
2nd – $75
3rd – $25
4th – Book: The Source: Unleash Your Natural Energy, Power Up Your Health, and Feel 10 Years Younger
5th – Book: The Complete Beck Diet for Life: The Five-Stage Program for Permanent Weight Loss
6th & 7th – Set of NURU Exercise Anywhere cards

That's a total prize pool of almost $425!

(Cash prizes payable through PayPal only – anyone is eligible to win. Prizes for 4th-7th include free shipping to continental U.S. only)

Want to know more about the details click here!


Sunday, June 21

"Father's Day"

To all fathers Happy Father's Day!


Saturday, June 20

"Another Earning Opps Discovered"

Recently, I just discovered another earning opportunity which I have neglected for quite some time. I never thought that I could increase my earning with this site. Before, I thought it was just an advertisement where you earn a bit and increase but to my surprise you can actually earn much more if you take it seriously.

Just like entrecard, the scheme is the same as earning credits by clicking the ads, ads views and posting a blog or an article. The click scheme has also qouta but its lesser unlike entrecard. There's more, if you advertise on them you can increase much more of your earnings plus a good traffic to your blog or website. The site name is Adgitize.

Right now I'm trying to increase my earnings maybe next time I'll advertise on it also.


Wednesday, June 17

"The Purple Hunt"

Just got the ticket for the purple hunt last week, printed it and save it. Since I'm going home I decided to pass by at Trinoma to check out the Yahoo Purple Hunt Event. The event runs from June 16-18, 2009 at Trinoma.

I looked for it on the 4th level of the mall and found it near the cinema. I looked around first and later I handed the printed email from yahoo about the Purple Hunt and they gave a cute little rubik's cube and doughnut from Krispy Kreme. I don't know what else is their activity but I think I'll be hunting for more purple on


Tuesday, June 16

"Scanning and Editing Night"

This is our second week that Joseph, Alexis and me are helping Ms. Jeng on her project. Scanning and picture editing is my specialty here. While Joseph on video presentation and Alexis on program designs.

Well just hope that Ms Jengs reunion will be a bang!


Monday, June 15

"Sunday Service Message"

Yesterday we went to church and this was the first time that we brought Ate Wenay in our church. She was welcomed and given a little gift from the church. It was a mug for her daily coffee doze.

The message yesterday was titled " Your Love for the Unsaved". The bible reading is take from the book of Matthew 28:17-20. We all are sinners but we, who are called Christians, must show or should manifest in ourselves that we are Christians. How can we evangelize and love the unsaved if we in ourselves know that we are blemished of sins. So to love and save the unsaved is to protest in ourselves that we are a true Christian.

This is the gist of the message yesterday and in deed we should walk our talk!


Saturday, June 13

"Building My Website"

I just recently procured a domain name from The whole day I was in front of the computer doing some web pages and things that is needed for the website.

I'm planning to transfer my blog but I'm having a hard time transfer. I haven't figured it out yet but I know I can and I'll just have to read and research. I really hope can make it up before next week.

One more thing is that I don't know if my links and widget and etc. will still work? Well I'll just have to research it.


Friday, June 12

"Independence Day with Maki"

Today is Independence Day and like other nations we are celebrating our freedom! (Err?) Since it is Independence Day which is marked red on the Philippine Calendar it means no work today, it's holiday!

To make up with Maki we brought him to Trinoma and later to SM North Edsa. Maki was so very hyper (makulit). If his in hyper mode he would just walk and walk and walk. If he gets too hyper he would run as if you were chasing him. What a kid!

There's a new attraction in SM North they call the Sky Garden. Sky Garden is of course a garden but the cool thing about it is that they made it as an extension of the mall outside and it is leveled on the second floor. It's more like a terrace of the house. The Sky Garden is beautifully landscaped and they got bars and restaurants. They even made some cool designs where kids can actually play and run arround.

Good thing we brought the camera we took a lot of shot of Maki playing on the garden. Maki really enjoyed it.

One of our reason in going to Trinoma was the to go to the doctor at Medical City. It's inside the mall. Since my number is 45 we just stroll around first then came back at around 7 pm and the number is 44. The check up was not too long and after that the doctor gave me prescriptions to treat my cough.

The cool thing about Medical City is that its inside the mall and if you got bored waiting for your number to be called you can just go around and shop if you have enough budget or you can just window shop if your budget is limited.

We went home tired but of course with a grin on our face because of Maki being so hyper.


"Independence Day"

Today is the 111th year of Independence Day, the Philippine Independence. This is the result of the deaths of our National Heroes which we are now remembering and commemorating. The day that they fought for long years just to have this memorial day. A day that till now leaves a big mark, the big question mark. Are we really free and independent today? I think not at all. Why? Because we are still slaves of different things. But the most annoying of all is that we are still slave of ourselves. We don't find ways to free ourselves. We keep our ears deaf on the things that we hear that is right, we keep our eyes closed from the wrong doings that we see, and we keep our mouth shut of the truth that will set us free.

Isn't it annoying that we're still slaves?


Wednesday, June 10

"SEO help from a Friend"

I met a new friend from India (I think). I met her through chat, she's the one who first buzz me and ask me if it is okay if she would lend me a help about my blogs. I responded yes of course and asked how and what is it that she would lend me. To my surprise she was working in a company that provides free and paid SEO listings.

So if you want your blogs to gain exposure and generate large volume of traffic contact her and tell her that you've read my post about her. Her ym is

I hope I could help both!


"Early Campaigns!"

All the things that I'm going to write here in my blog is my own opinion.

While dropping on blogs and website with entrecard feature, I just happen to stumble on this blogsite about Mar Roxas.

Well, what's with Mar Roxas? My first impression for Mr. Palengke is good, idealistic, and lets just say approachable. That was before I saw his commercial on TV.

When I check the blogsite its more like a campaign blog for Mar Roxas also I saw the video which is his commercial airing on national television.

This only shows that his already having an early campaign and he hasn't file his candidacy yet.

How can we have a good government if this people keep on defying simple rules and regulations. How can they govern us and make us follow the law when they themselves don't even know how to follow the law.

Not only Mar Roxas who is advertising on national television there's a lot more like him who uses the media and saying that it is not a campaign blah... blah... blah. What do you call that anyway? No wonder this country is still a third world country.

I only wanted to share my views regarding this things. Readers you are entitled to your own views.


Tuesday, June 9

"At Last!"

At last I was able to accomplish some of the things that I need to do.   I am tired now but my brain still want to continue.  It just like endorphines are running in my head tonight.  

Anyway I'll just continue till the guards service van arrives.  I'll just hitch on their van.

Continue with work........


"Sleepy Tuesday"

Today, I'm so sleepy....  

I was able to take a nap this afternoon while doing something.  And I don't even noticed that I fell asleep already.   Thank God it was lunch break.  Anyway, I tried to be awake and right now I'm doing personal things.

I got lots of things to do but I don't know which, what, and where to start.   My mind is full of ideas but it's all clatter right now.  Maybe I'll just try to relax....  focus.... and concentrate.

Hhmmmmmm..........  hhmmmmmm.......... hhhhmmmmmmm......   Okay just a little relaxation will ease everything now.   So I'll start now and do what I have to do.


Monday, June 8

"Union Bank EON Card"

Today, I took a half day work just to get my Union Bank EON Card. I got at the bank at around past 2 PM. I went straight to the customer service and got my EON Card. Now I can get my money from

So, after I got the card I went straight back to our House. Switch on my PC and logged onto the web. Go to paypal and started to transfer some funds but still I wasn't able to do the cashout. There are few problems that I couldn't figure out. I got three pointers, "whats the bank code?", "how will I lift my limit?", and "how will I be able to transfer amount from my paypal to eon card?"

Thank God two of the three questions were answered. The bank code, I tried to look at the website of Unionbank and the limit.  I'll just have to wait.  Any time now I'll be having my money.  Thank God!


Sunday, June 7

"Auction or Sale"

I have this six different basketball trading cards which I think I got since I was in high school. They're not "GRADE A" in a point of view of a collector but I think its worth collecting. This six, was the only basketball trading card left and I don't know yet what to do with it.

What do you think I must do? Sell it or put it on auction? If I will sell it, how much do you think it would cost? And I will put it on auction do you think many collector will bid on it? What do you think? Please do so give me some advice on this one. Thanks!


"Stiff Muscles"

When I woke this morning all my muscles were stiff and I can't hardly move my legs. I don't know the reason but it feels like I work out all night. It's just like having cramps. And because of that we weren't able to go to church. I don't want to have accident on the street while carrying Maki with me.

So we just stayed in the house and I rested.

Too bad I wasn't able to hear God's Message today!


Saturday, June 6

"Saturday Rainy Day"

Just wake up and started doing some surfing and blogging. Too bad it's still raining, we don't have any outdoor activity today. Haaayyyyy! Anyway we will just have to clean the house and do some rearranging.


Friday, June 5

" : What Your Hair Says About You!"

Today's is about hairs. Check out the conversation and join!


"Rainy Days"

It's been raining for more than a week and it's so hard to wake up early in the morning. The cold weather keeps me in my bed cuddling my pillow. But I have to stand up ignore the soothing cold and start preparing for work.

Tomorrow is Saturday and let's just hope that the rain stops because I don't have anything to do if the rain keeps on falling. No outdoor activity would be set if this continues. Haaaayyyyyyy! Rain... rain... go away... Come again another day!


Thursday, June 4

"Tired and Sleepy"

Last night I was so very tired and sleepy that I wasn't able to write something on to my blog.  I just wanted to sleep and rest.   Of course I still got a chance to play with my son, Maki.  After that we all sleep tight. 


Tuesday, June 2

'Daily Happenings : Daily Rhythmn"

What have I done today?  A journal of my dialy thoughts and what I wanted to do?  Maybe.  Again, What have I done today?  I always thought of making myself useful in everything and every way as possible.  The joy of helping others is one of my bliss in life.  It makes my heart feel warm every time I did something good to others.  Today I don't have any story to tell.  But what I want to do right now is to help somebody by writing their present situation.

Okay I'll just start by telling who I wanted to help.  I wanted to help my wife's nephew, Raphael, he is a cleft lip and palate.  He'll be turning three this year and still he hasn't under gone operation.  His mother, Felisa, right now is undergoing medication which makes their life a bit harder while his father, Marlon, is a tireman in a tire supply store which only earns enough for their daily meals.  

Raphael's operation should be no problem because there's a lot of NGOs who are willing to help him.  His only problem is how to maintain a healthy and good physical condition for the operation.  Without much nutrients from their daily meals Raphael couln't cope up with the health qualification for the operation.  

We really wanted him to be operated so that he will not be laughed at and no insecurites would developed in him.  I myself couldn't help much,  we could only help a bit but that's not enough so that's why I'm writing for him to get and seek kind hearted people to help him get operated.   The operations is free from NGOs what he needs is his pre and post operation needs like foods and vitamins to cope up.

If you're having doubts on helping I'll make sure that all the help that you will send and all the things that will be given to Raphael will be documented.   I will post them here just to keep you (helpers) updated on what had happened and what's happening to Raphael right now.   Thank you very much and may GOD bless you all!


Monday, June 1

"Daily Happenings : The Usual"

Well just like the ordinary days, work, rest, and blog.  Nothing much!  No particular or exciting things happened today except for my earnings on blogging.  One of the site I'm earning just paid me a full blast of $236.  A very great day for the first day of the month.   So that's just for now and thanks for the advertisers.

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