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Monday, June 29

"Busy... Busy.... Busy! Problem.... Problem... Problem!"

I don't like way things going on tonight! First, I need to fix my website but unfortunately there is something wrong with the hosting site. I don't know what it is, I just know there's something wrong. I thought my website will be launched this July but the way I'm doing right now, it ain't going to happen.

Second, I got three articles to write and I don't have any idea or inspiration to make a good one. Two for a blog post contest and the other one is for a school magazine.

Another thing is that I don't have any huge earning for a week already. I only got $7.5 from blogvertise and a pending of $4.20 from buyblogreviews which will be credited on July 1. What an earning! I'm also waiting for entrecard to buy my 10,000 EC Credit worth $10. Now tell me is that an earning. Hayyyy! I need to work double time here.

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