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Tuesday, June 2

'Daily Happenings : Daily Rhythmn"

What have I done today?  A journal of my dialy thoughts and what I wanted to do?  Maybe.  Again, What have I done today?  I always thought of making myself useful in everything and every way as possible.  The joy of helping others is one of my bliss in life.  It makes my heart feel warm every time I did something good to others.  Today I don't have any story to tell.  But what I want to do right now is to help somebody by writing their present situation.

Okay I'll just start by telling who I wanted to help.  I wanted to help my wife's nephew, Raphael, he is a cleft lip and palate.  He'll be turning three this year and still he hasn't under gone operation.  His mother, Felisa, right now is undergoing medication which makes their life a bit harder while his father, Marlon, is a tireman in a tire supply store which only earns enough for their daily meals.  

Raphael's operation should be no problem because there's a lot of NGOs who are willing to help him.  His only problem is how to maintain a healthy and good physical condition for the operation.  Without much nutrients from their daily meals Raphael couln't cope up with the health qualification for the operation.  

We really wanted him to be operated so that he will not be laughed at and no insecurites would developed in him.  I myself couldn't help much,  we could only help a bit but that's not enough so that's why I'm writing for him to get and seek kind hearted people to help him get operated.   The operations is free from NGOs what he needs is his pre and post operation needs like foods and vitamins to cope up.

If you're having doubts on helping I'll make sure that all the help that you will send and all the things that will be given to Raphael will be documented.   I will post them here just to keep you (helpers) updated on what had happened and what's happening to Raphael right now.   Thank you very much and may GOD bless you all!

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