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Wednesday, June 10

"Early Campaigns!"

All the things that I'm going to write here in my blog is my own opinion.

While dropping on blogs and website with entrecard feature, I just happen to stumble on this blogsite about Mar Roxas.

Well, what's with Mar Roxas? My first impression for Mr. Palengke is good, idealistic, and lets just say approachable. That was before I saw his commercial on TV.

When I check the blogsite its more like a campaign blog for Mar Roxas also I saw the video which is his commercial airing on national television.

This only shows that his already having an early campaign and he hasn't file his candidacy yet.

How can we have a good government if this people keep on defying simple rules and regulations. How can they govern us and make us follow the law when they themselves don't even know how to follow the law.

Not only Mar Roxas who is advertising on national television there's a lot more like him who uses the media and saying that it is not a campaign blah... blah... blah. What do you call that anyway? No wonder this country is still a third world country.

I only wanted to share my views regarding this things. Readers you are entitled to your own views.


1 comment:

  1. I agree.. ok na sana si mar... turn-off tlga ung TV ad nya.. shobiz mcydo,,,


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